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Ekster 3.0 Classic Collection adds Cardholders, More Colors and Updated Trackers

So in Summer 2018, I went down the path of the minimalist wallet using Ekster and never looked back realistically. I never...

Ekster Parliament Slim RFID Wallet with TrackR Review + Giveaway

Smartphones have become essential to people these days. They are our forms of communication and even use it to pay for items. But there...

Sony SRS X7 Bluetooth Speaker : Rich Powerful Sound [Review]

We are heading into the final weeks of the summer and of course we still got to keep the music going. While we have...

Sony Makes Wearables Smarter With SmartBand [MWC 2014]

Sony throws its hat in the wearable arena with the Sony SmartBand

How SmartWatch 2 Is Sony, Huh? [Review]

Everyone’s getting in on the Dick Tracy phenomenon. Hey I would like to talk into my wrist just as much as the next...

Qualcomm Toq: Finally a Smartwatch You Can See In the Daylight...

Is the Qualcomm Toq the greatest smartwatch out now or just a glimpse into the future?

AKG K845BT On-Ear Headphones [Review]

The K845BT by AKG is their latest venture into the world of bluetooth headphones.

Google Wallet Card – One Card to Rule Them All

So right now if your like most people, you either use Google Wallet or you don't. Perhaps you just haven't adjusted to using NFC,...