So in Summer 2018, I went down the path of the minimalist wallet using Ekster and never looked back realistically. I never noticed how much nonsense I was carrying in my wallet beforehand whether it was old receipts or many business cards I didn’t always need on me.

Since that time Ekster has expanded their portfolio going beyond just their trademark wallets but also cardholders and even phone cases. They are calling it Classic Collection 3.0 One of the newer products I have been using is the Secretary Cardholder.

Secretary Cardholder is a super minimalist leather sleeve that has room for a couple of cards and a pocket to house some cash in. I personally been using it to keep some of my G Style business cards and even throwing some client cards in at times. I been rocking it in the Roma Cognac colorway but there are six additional styles to fit your taste.

With the 3.0 Collection Eskter added some more colors to their Parliament Wallet and I opted for the Merlot Red. Works just as good as the prior version so if you decide to change up colors won’t be too big a deal. 

One big change Eskter did decide to make though is with their tracker client for their Tracker Cards. Before they were using TrackR but have since changed over to Chipolo. This change is welcome as I like the clean interface Chipolo presents but also seems to allow for Voice Activation either via Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri. So basically, if you can’t seem to find your phone and/or wallet you can fire off commands to your favorite assistant such as “Ask Chipolo to ring my keys” and it will work just as good.

I still consider Ekster to be a superb minimalist wallet especially with its card slider button helping you pop out cards in an instance.

You can check out their Secretary Cardholder for $29, Parliament Wallet for $79 and updated Tracker Card 3.0 ($49, $29 if bought with Wallet) at Ekster.

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