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Jonathan Baez

Jonathan Baez is a New York native raised in the Bronx as a certified geek. He loves gadgets, gizmos, what-ya-ma-call-its, and anything in between. His passion for tech is matched only by his love for Video Games, Anime, and Music. In addition to writing for G Style Magazine, Jonathan is bringing his children up as little geeks in training.

Jabra Announces Sport Pulse Wireless Earbuds with Built In Heart Rate Monitor

As technology and fitness continue to be a good combination, one of the main things work out enthusiasts are looking for are devices that...

Sennheiser HD6 MIX Headphones – Great Style, Better Sound [Review]

The Sennheiser HD 6 MIX headphones are more focused for music production. Testing them out with a humble home studio setup, I got a chance to fully experience then. How did they hold up? Check out the review for details!

Skullcandy Crusher Headphones: Crushing the Competition?

Bass is the name of the game now when it comes to headphones. Everyone wants to hear their 808 kicks bang loud and considering...

Huawei Announces Tron Android Video Game Console [CES 2014]

Apparently, the world can never have enough Android Video Game systems. With dedicated consoles like the OUYA, MOJO, or Nvidia SHIELD, the Android platform...

Sennheiser Announces New Line of HD DJ Headphones [CES 2014]

We have had positive experiences with Sennheiser here at G Stlye so of course I was excited to hear about the announcement regarding their...

Sony Announces PlayStation Now Service [CES 2014]

Yesterday at CES 2014, Sony announced the upcoming launch of their new streaming service fittingly titled, PlayStation Now. With the PlayStation Now service, users...

Top Gaming Devices [Holiday Gift Guide 2013]

2013 has been a good year for gaming as we seen the expansion of mobile gaming ranging from add-ons to standalones, while there also has been the unleashing of the next-gen consoles that everyone has been waiting for.

Sony Looking to Bundle Playstation 4 and Vita Together This Holiday Season

The PlayStation 4 has arrived and it is awesome. If you were as brave as my fellow G Styler Sam and decided to...



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