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Sonos Beam Review

If you have used or setup soundbars they either been too wide, too bulky or missing some advanced smart features to assist you on...

Polk Audio MagniFi MAX SR Review

How good is wireless surround sound?

Bluesound Pulse Soundbar Review – Pricey But Worth the Cost

Setting up soundbars has gotten less complicated over the years and has started to be the go-to for those that want to build surround...

Sonos Beam is a mini version of their larger soundbars but...

Today Sonos unveiled its latest in their line of soundbars with the Sonos Beam. Its small and versatile enough compared to its larger soundbars...

Sonos Playbase Review

Sono's Playbase adds a stellar home theatre speaker to their network speaker portfolio that slides under your TV.

Sonos Playbase Redesigns the Soundbar

    Sonos has introduced its first speaker of 2017 and it’s a big one called the Playbase. The Playbase is designed to replace your soundbar...