The two companies that have been at the forefront of cloud gaming over the past few year is NVIDIA with its GeForce Now service and of course Microsoft with Xbox Game Pass ala Xbox Cloud Gaming. They are doing a 10-year deal that will see Microsoft bringing titles such as Halo, Minecraft, Elder Scrolls and others to NVIDIA’s streaming platform. Also if the Activision deal with Microsoft goes through we will also see titles such as Call of Duty, Overwatch, and others

This looks to be something both companies want to get started asap as Xbox Game Studio PC games will be digital stores like Steam and Epic Games Store. This is will be the first time these titles will be available via the Windows Store.

Also another in other streaming news, Paris looks to be the next city with access to RTX 4080 performance for Ultimate members. This rounds out to eight cities in total which you can see here.

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