Custom controllers are a necessity – to play games without rear buttons just doesnt sit well with me anymore. Today we have a surge of companies and individuals focused on delivering their own renditions of these pro controllers which leads to no shortage of options. Even with the DualSense Edge just around the corner, we have groups like The Controller People; London-based individuals who are set to deliver great controllers that are designed with precision in mind. Though not entirely exceptional and a bit too pricey for what they offer, their custom design does works….for the most part.

The Controller People offer the same level of unique aesthetics as pretty much all other 3rd party companies, even the grip is very similar to what HexGaming is offering with their Rival Pro lineup. The key difference is that their 2 paddle buttons are not winged, but levered. The idea is to replicate what DualSense is doing with their paddle design. The material is rubbery-plastic which degrades its quality and I found that the rear buttons are not fixed tight enough for me to feel comfortable using during intense PVP encounters.

I have big hands, so pressing on them even slightly just feels like I’m going to break it. The positioning is exact though, fits just right for me and I think most hands. There’s no obvious way to remap the rear buttons, but to do so you’ll have to hold down the desired rear button and then the one you want to assign it to for about 20 seconds . The biggest drawback is no profile options and no additional buttons.

Additionally, you can opt for trigger stops but can’t change on the go – once you make that choice during your purchase, its there for good. To me, that’s doesn’t work because there will be times players want to use the haptic feedback for more laid back games. Always give that option to swap back and forth. You will be packaged with swappable joysticks for varying depths depending on your playstyles and I find that the sticks are excellent.

But overall, The Controller People seem to be doing what everyone else is doing, just pricier – at the moment they’re not the best option in the market and definitely need to work on fastening the rear buttons, opting for trigger swapping and profiles.


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