It’s getting increasingly easier to recommend HexGaming pro controllers to players looking to dip into the competitive scene. Ever since my first purchase of the DualSense Rival controller, I’ve been using it ever since – I still have my Scuf Reflex boxed! They’re incredibly reliable, sturdy and very comfortable. Despite their lack of profiles, programmable software, removable paddles and additional buttons (I would like a version with side buttons much like the Scuf Vantage, please!) Their DualSense pro controllers are remarkable.

No different here with the Rival Pro; an upgrade to the previous Rival variant where we see a modified paddle attachment to better fit the reflexes of players. The designer took key elements of what made their Ultimate variant so successful, and then tweaked it to feel like the definite Rival version. The profile this time around is close and much more responsive and a bit lighter overall. The quality remains just as fantastic as my previous impressions which is a very good thing. Simply put, this controller improves in ways that heightens their thematic approach – though it’s starting to feel like diminishing returns when considering their price point, especially when comparing competitors.

HexGaming’s Rival Pro is their latest iteration with much to be desired – as I mentioned in my opening, the lack of software integration, removable paddles, profiles and additional buttons really dampens its overall fidelity when combining the asking price; Rival Pro is definitely their best controller yet, but it’s marred by these lacking elements.

At this point, it is time to really mention these negative aspects, as HexGaming is a remarkable company that is projecting to be a big hit soon, and as a huge fan, I want nothing but the best for them. You wonder, should you buy this? If you have the money, definitely – it’s excellent. Do you desire profiles and a program to customize your liking? Then probably not.


My impression remains the same as my review for the original Rival – pretty much all I praised and complained about is present.

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