Bungie has finally revealed information regarding the new Darkness subclass, Stasis. They break down how each subclass would function, and the new revamped skill tree akin to Destiny 1 – serving as a stark reminder that Bungie is indeed listening to us. Lets dive into each of the classes newfound abilities, shall we?

Warlock | Shadebinder

It is promised that Warlocks would expose the concept of “freezing” the best out of the classes – Shadebinder can summon a Stasis staff that fires projectiles, freezing enemies in their wake – seemingly immobilizing them. Their melee attack, Penumbral Blast, quickly burst Stasis energy that’ll instantly freezes anyone who is hit with it. This can be utilized to control smaller threats, avoiding staggering hits as you focus on the more immediate ones; I can see this being used as a way to maneuver in and out of very tough situations within Grandmaster Nightfall. The Shadebinder’s Super, Winter’s Wrath, sends out freezing projectiles instantly freezing opponents, the second stages begins when the staff is raised, detonating the Stasis crystals eliminating everyone with the shockwave of Stasis.

Titan | Behemoth

Titan’s Behemoth smashes things, comes to no surprise as they are the pillars of the Vanguard. Behemoth utilizes their form in creation and destruction, as they’re focused on altering the battlefield, controlling the ground and the fight. Their Stasis can be a defensive factor, creating crystalline walls to block gunfire – or use it offensively by freezing their foes. Titan’s melee attack, Shiver Strike, is another form of shoulder bash, which launches them via a Stasis explosion, propelling them towards enemies and absolutely disintegrating their enemies. While in mid-air, they can summon a Stasis gauntlet that covers their fist, slamming into a group of enemies sending them flying and in the process, slowing surrounding foes. The Behemoth Super, Glacial Quake, begins with the Titan forming a gigantic gauntlet on their fist, slamming into the ground sending out shockwaves of Stasis crystals into nearby enemies. They are also covered in Stasis armor, temporarily becoming unstoppable while wrecking devastating carnage! – yeah, where’s Hulk again?

Hunter | Revenant

While Hunter’s has been quickly dispersing opponents in the battlefield with Spectral Blade and Goldie – Stasis changes their form and prioritize in slowing enemies. One of the key abilities is Withering Blade, their melee attack is a deadly Stasis shuriken that can be thrown into battle, ricocheting off surfaces slowing anyone in its path – landing two shuriken will instantly freeze anyone. Their Super, Silence and Squall, consist of two-pronged attach, with each blade having separate functions. The First blade when thrown, immediately detonates upon impact, freezing enemies within the AOE. The second blade is thrown which is embed into a surface or enemy, creating a Stasis storm that will track and slow the surrounding foes, damaging over time.

Customizing Stasis

With Beyond Light, Bungie is reintroducing the ability to customize your subclass abilities, promising new and refreshing ways to suit your playstyle. One of those new additions are Aspects and Fragments; Aspects are physical items in the world which can be obtained via drops that can be slotted into the subclass. Aspects will offer new abilities and can be mixed and matched freely giving you a sense of uniqueness with each player. Many Aspects can have Fragments slotted in, which are another item that be found in the world. When applied into Aspects there can be additional perks as well as penalties – Aspects upgrades are unique to each subclass promising a range of customization options. Lets take a look at what that looks like.

Warlock | Subclass Customization

For Warlocks we see the Frostpulse Aspect – this augments their rift ability, which can freeze enemies when near it. It also has a slot where you can add a Fragment, it can alter the rift so for example, can replenish your abilities when shattering enemies. And based on the image above, you can see slots can take space, which seems to be reserved for more powerful Fragments. Skillful players can utilize this on surprising builds.

Titan | Subclass Customization

Alongside the potentiality of Aspects and Fragments, we get new elements within abilities themselves – for example, instead of the usual shoulder bash, you can cancel the maneuver into a massive Stasis-power leap, only to cancel that into a downward slam of Stasis carnage!

Hunter | Subclass Customization

Much like the previous classes customization, Hunters prioritize in slowing enemies; their Hunter Dodge can be altered to slow enemies around the affect giving the fireteam much room to create more devastation.

All the right decisions is happening at Bungie, this only leaves more excitement for their coming expansions. Let’s hope that at one point, supers and elements can combine and prime one another to create some unique gameplay scenarios.

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