Smartphones these days are looking much better than they used to but I would still not use one naked. I’m just too paranoid about dropping my phone that I always use a case on them. Luckily, there are tons of great looking cases out there so I don’t mind covering up my phone if it means more peace of mind. One such case is the Speck Presidio V-Grip which I’ll be looking at for the LG V50 ThinQ 5G.

The Speck Presidio V-Grip Case is a hybrid case, meaning it is made of two different materials fused together. The shell of the case is made from clear polycarbonate while the inner layer is made of what Speck calls, Impactium. The Impactium is a protective material that can absorb and disperse shock. To top it off, the Presidio V-Grip also features Microban, an antimicrobial treatment that protects against stain and odor-causing bacteria growth.

With respect to the LG V50, the Presidio V-Grip case fits like a glove on it with all the needed openings for the ports, speakers, and mics. The rear has cutouts for the fingerprint reader and the cameras as well. The case is also very grippy thanks to the Impactium, which has a rubber-like feel to it.

While the case does look pretty good and allows you to see your phone through the clear backing, it also has its downsides. For one, if dust or dirt gets trapped underneath, you’ll be able to see it and it’ll really bother you until you clean it. Next, the polycarbonate can get scratches pretty easily, even if you’re using a microfiber cloth to clean it. If you can overlook those issues, it’s a pretty good case and will provide you with both function and form.

If you’re looking for a protective case, the Speck Presidio V-Grip is another good choice. It’s a handsome case and if you have a colored phone and want to show it off, the clear backing allows for that. The case is available for a variety of phones and some even come in different color combinations as well.

You can grab the Speck Precidio V-Grip for the LG V50 ThinQ on Amazon here.

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