If you were fortunate enough to get into the Nvidia GeForce Now beta then you know what the experience has been like with your games and how much fun it is play your games online via stream anywhere. You know this. It’s been great. For those that don’t know or didn’t get the opportunity, that time is over. Nvidia has made GeForce NOW open to everyone and it’s time to get your game on.

Now that GeForce NOW is available to everyone, what does it mean? What’s it for? Here’s the basic breakdown. GeForce NOW allows you to take the games that you already own plus any free to play games and play them on any device that has the GeForce NOW app and has the internet service to support it. GeForce NOW allows you play the most graphically intense games like Tomb Raider, Destiny, Borderlands, Ghost Recon and more by virtually adding a GeForce graphics card to your PC, Mac and Nvidia Shield, or Android phone with Chromebook support coming in the future. GeForce NOW uses it’s own GPU architecture and it’s Game Ready Drivers to allow you play all of the games you want and your PC, Mac or whatever device you’re using doesn’t have to be high end or even up to current standard. It’s all cloud based which also adds to ease of use.

GeForce NOW has been a successful cloud based gaming platform with over 300,000 beta testers (myself included) with more than 70 million hours of gameplay streamed to date. It’s been so successful because of what Nvidia allows in terms of being able to use their best GPU’s to game with.


Not everybody has an RTX 2070 or RTX 2080ti to add to their system so being able to pay Nvidia a subscription fee to game with one of those GPU’s virtually offers a great deal of value. If however, having another subscription service is too much to pay for right now or you’re more of a casual gamer, you can use GeForce now on a free level which gives you standard access to GeForce NOW servers and a 1-hour long game session. Current beta users have already been upgraded to the free service.

If you’re a more serious gamer and you game frequently and you want access to all Nvidia has to offer then you’ll the first 90-days free as an introductory offer and then pay $4.99 monthly for the year which gives you priority access to Nvidia’s servers (meaning you have priority over free members), extended session length (longer than a hour) and RTX ON.

If you’re interested in joining up with GeForce NOW you can do so by clicking on this link HERE , you can try it out for free get a feel for it.

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