Nintendo’s showing at E3 wasn’t bad and they had some pretty interesting titles that we can expect in the coming months. While gamemakers at E3 always give you a surprise or two, we did not see this one coming. Nintendo announced that there is a sequel to the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

BoTW is easily the best game for the Nintendo Switch since it’s launch and it’s one of the greatest games ever made, so to see a sequel in development is exciting as a whole and even more so for Nintendo Switch owners.

The trailer shows off Link and Zelda in what appears to be an underground temple and things take a turn for the worst when they see what looks like a mummy being possessed and brought back to life by a mysterious glowing hand. Could it be a new enemy and Nintendo is finally going to take the Legend of Zelda away from Ganon at least for the BoTW sequel? Who knows? Either way, the trailer is definitely worth watching so check it out.

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