Samsung really outdid themselves this year with the Galaxy S10 series bringing a premium unibody outfitted with glass on the front but also on the back. With its front cameras now embedded in the display while it looks interesting it also leaves more room for damage. The Galaxy S10+ (and its smaller siblings) look elegant without a case but you may want to try one on for size just in case. Here we have a slew of cases which all bring just a little something different to the table.

*side note: some cases shown are for S10 and S10e but also have variants for the S10+ as well*

OtterBox: Symmetry

If you are looking for something simplistic but eye popping take a look at the Symmetry line with Otterbox. They added two new colors to their lineup this time around with Ivy Meadow Green and Aspen Gleam Yellow. Yellow stands out like no other while Green has a more chill vibe to it. Either one you choose is light and is housed in polycarbonate. There is also added rubber on the exterior to assist with gripping. Either one should feed your visual taste but if you are looking for something a bit zanier, check out the “Love Triangle” which I covered on the Note 9 HERE. Each case is available for the Galaxy S10+ and goes for 49.95.

Gear4: Piccadilly & Platoon

Rocking D30 on their lineup of cases, Gear4 is making sure your Galaxy S10+ is outfitted in some of the best impact protection. Piccadilly is a clear case that looks nice and gives you the option to add a style of color that fits you layered in TPU and a polycarbonate they slate as being like bulletproof glass. Platoon gives you various layers of protection first with its own case and then also having the able to be holstered on the hip. Great for those that want to keep their pockets free. Piccadilly and Platoon are available for $39.99 on Amazon. If you want to add some style Gear4 has swappable palettes for $14.99 in their Chelsea line.

InvisibleShield Ultra Clear

For some added display protection, Zagg has an InvisibleShield Ultra Clear screen protector that covers a majority of the glass on front including the punch hole camera. Don’t fret selfies still look clear but I do wish they made a cut out for it. This is also a film not glass but using it the past few weeks seems durable. It is a task to put on though so you may want to watch the instruction video beforehand. Its available now for $29.99 Also it the fingerprint sensor works with no issue. You can check in my tweet HERE.

Urban Armor Gear: Monarch Series

This design from UAG has always had an industrial rugged look and feel to it. With its mix of black leather and shiny metal on the back I always loved how the red paint just gives it that eye pleasing pop. It has tactile buttons that are clicky and responsive and is easy to grip with it honeycomb style ridges on each side. From my usage it does work with Samsung Pay and wireless charging so don’t fret with it being too thick. There are two other colorways, but this is one is my fave. Its available for $59.95 and you can check out my full review on it with the Galaxy Note 8 HERE.

Speck: Presidio Grip

If you need some handle on your Galaxy S10+, the Presidio Grip will provide some needed assistance. It has dual layer protection inside and outside and grips that run up and down the casing. Front casing is raised to alleviate face down drops and try to take the brunt of the impact first. Buttons are responsive, and case also works easily with wireless charging. This style is “Microchip Grey/Ballpoint Blue” but also comes in four other colors as well. Its available for $44.95.

LifeProof: NËXT

The priciest on the line goes to LifeProof with their NËXT case. It lives up to its name with it being Snow, Dirt, and Drop Proof. It keeps everything covered and sealed while still giving access to your display for the best response. Ports, speakers, mic are covered to conceal anything from getting inside. Its available in three colors at $79.99 and the color I’m using is Clear Lake.

Silk: Wallet Slayer – Flavor of the Month, Chef’s Special

One of the more colorful cases in the lineup come from Silk Smartish. I’m usually not a fan of wallet cases but I grew a sweet spot for this. Idk if it’s the lime colors that pop from the “Flavor of the Month” version or that you can use one of your own cases to turn it into a kickstand. It has wide enough cutouts for your cables whether its Type C or headphone jack and button presses are responsive. I used it with the Galaxy S10e for a good deal of my review and it’s taken some drops and still held up nicely. If you are interested in this or its all-black “Chef’s Special” they go for $14.99.

X-Doria: DefenseShield  

Mix of materials is showcased in the DefenseShield. It has a clear polycarbonate backing to showcase your favorite S10+ color while circling that is a layer of metal to take impact from drops and rubber that helps take more impact as well as giving you a grip on it. Speaker chamber has audio firing forward instead of downward on the bottom. DefenseShield is available for $29.99 in three colors. I’d suggest the Iridescent or Black colors with some of the brighter colors as the Red seems to look a bit off to me with say the Blue S10+ I’m using.

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