Feels like the older the Symmetry section gets with OtterBox, the more their design schemes look impressive and stand out from the bunch. I will always say Symmetry is my favorite series because it’s not too bulky but adds that needed protection. If you are using a sleek device like the Galaxy Note 9 you are looking for something that still gives the phone its own unique look but you aren’t sacrificing anything.


For this review and the fact I knew I have a Lavender Purple Note 9 handy I opted for the “Love Triangle” Symmetry Series case. Its part of their Clear Graphics catalog which gives you a clear case but with various graphics on it. This has triangles in different sizes and colors of white, yellow and salmon which help bring out the color of the Note 9. It actually looks better in hand and in-person then I thought it would.

It has a shiny polycarbonate exterior to give it a sleek feel while Synthetic rubber is inside the casing and also surrounds the outer part of the case as well as covering the buttons. Of course there is a cutout on the back for your cameras and fingerprint scanner while the bottom leaves access to your charging port, headphone jack as well as S-Pen.

The Symmetry case does add a bit of weight and thickness to the Galaxy Note 9 but I wouldn’t consider it bothersome. If you are looking for something super light or trying to feel just like the Galaxy Note 9 it may deter you a bit.

Take a Hit?

Applying the case on the Galaxy Note 9 is an easy task as its more of a push on and pop in method. I did find it a bit harder to remove mostly because how hard the outer shell is. I had to pull from the top and push in where the camera area is. This wouldn’t be a deal breaker though if you aren’t the type to be changing cases every so often.


OtterBox cases are never cheap but you get your money’s worth with this protection. At a hefty $54.95 it has a great build quality and design going against the clear casing. With a $1,000 phone in hand it maybe worth the price tag.

Symmetry for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is available at OtterBox in five different styles and also various other retailers.

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