Color Negative F2 400 120_Mitchell Wojcik
Image by: Mitchell Wojcik

Film lovers rejoice! Lomography recently announced the extremely limited re-release of their Color Negative F2/400 120 film emulsion. If you’re new to film photography, the previous release of F2/400 sold out in a few hours and seemed lost for good. If you’ve been looking for a contrast-y, vivid color emulsion, the F2/400 is just what you’re medium format camera has been missing.


Film type: Color Negative

Format: 120

Develop: C-41

Sensitivity: 400 ISO

Lomography’s Tip: Due to its age, the F²/400 likes more light than your standard 400 ISO film. For vibrant, X-pro-like pictures and subtle, fine grain shoot in bright conditions.

An Iconic Film Emulsion – F2/400

What makes F2/400 such a special emulsion is that Lomography purposely aged the film giving it the properties of their X-Pro slide film with a grain and overtone that’s reminiscent of motion picture film stock. For the more visual set among us, Lomography shared a developed roll to give us all a good look at that cinematic goodness!

Sample Images By Lomography

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Now here’s the catch – according to Lomography, this is the very last batch of this film and once it’s gone, it’s gone for good. Lomography is currently taking preorders and once they have been filled, it’s gone forever. We’re hoping to bring you test shots of our own in the coming days.

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