In what has become a New York City staple, PayPal is opening a one-day only art exhibition that mimics the styling of a bodega can you find just about on every other corner in NYC. Walking inside feels like you are walking into a store with the shelves lined with products you normally buy ranging from water to the sweetest of treats.

PayPal is doing this as a means to promote their CashBack Mastercard which gives you back 2% back on almost anything you purchase with it. The popup shows you everyday purchases that can be extraordinary with the money you get back.

The art exhibition is littered with ways to prop up your social media profile with colorful artwork and even a flower dress that you can “put on”. Make sure you stop by to grab a drink, get a bite, win some stuff and snap some photos.  There is a nice story about bodega cats if you ever wondered why they have become a everyday way of life in bodegas.

FLWR Studios

Interesting tidbit that PayPal has put this installation right next to a Square store location which is a competitor to them in the e-commerce space.

PayPal’s Cash n Back Bodega is only available Saturday, June 9th and runs from 10am to 8pm for FREE. You can register HERE to attend this fun little popup down in Soho.

201 Mulberry Street

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