So now that the latest flagship from Samsung has been unveiled where can you pickup a Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus? Preorders start on March 2nd with availability in-store and online March 16th.


The nation’s largest mobile network Verizon will have Midnight Black, Lilac Purple or Coral Blue of the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus with retail prices of $799.99 and $929.99. Monthly payments can be spread out over 24 months with $33.33 for the S9 and $38.74 for the Galaxy S9. Verizon does have a slew of promos available for the S9/S9 Plus:

Promo #1: Save up to $350 off Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ with trade in

  • This is available to new lines of service and upgrades (pretty much everyone)
  • Device Payment purchase required
  • Trade must be in good working and cosmetic condition
  • Value provided as monthly credits starting in 1-2 bill cycles
  • Must remain active for 24 months for all credits to apply

Eligible phones:

$350 credit – Apple: iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus; Samsung: GS8, GS8+, Note8

$300 credit – Apple: iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus; Google: Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL; LG: G6, V30; Motorola: Z2 Force, Z Force; Samsung: GS7, GS7 Edge, GS7 Active

$200 credit – Apple: iPhone 6, 6 Plus; HTC: 10; LG: G5, V20; Motorola: Z Droid, Z2 Play; Samsung: GS6, GS6 edge, GS6 edge+, GS6 Active, Note 5

$100 credit – Apple: iPhone SE; HTC: M9, M9+; LG: G4, V10; Motorola: Z Play, Turbo 2; Samsung: GS5, Note 4, Note Edge

Promo #2: $150 Prepaid MasterCard Offer

  • Get a $150 prepaid MasterCard when porting in a new line of service with Verizon
  • Submission required at

Promo #3: Verizon Up customers with an active Samsung smartphone will receive an offer for $10 off select Samsung accessories

Promo #4: Save 50% on select Samsung tablets with 2-year agreement

Promo #5: Save $100 on a Gear S3 smartwatch with purchase of Galaxy S9 or S9+

  • Gear S3 (Classic or Frontier) must be purchased with 2yr agreement
  • S9 or S9+ must be purchased on device payment

Promo #6: Get a Samsung Fast Charge Power Bundle for $99.99


Via AT&T’s Next program you can get the Galaxy S9 for $26.34 or for the Galaxy S9 Plus pay $30.50 over 30 months. They will both also be available on AT&T’s FirstNet service which is dedicated to emergency first responders out on the field. Band 14 LTE is which is the network for public safety will be available on both devices.

And, for a limited time, business customers can get a $150 activation credit when they buy the new Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ on a qualified installment agreement.


On the Magenta network you can get the Samsung Galaxy S9 for $30/mth with $0 down or the Galaxy S9 for $120 down with monthly payments of $30. Full retail pricing will be $720 for the S9 and $840 for the S9 Plus. It will also be available in Midnight Black, Lilac Purple or Coral Blue. You can get 50% off the Galaxy S9 with up to $360 in trade-in credit for limited time. These credits will be spread out over a 24 month period though.


With Sprint the Galaxy S9 is $33 monthly while the Galaxy S9 Plus is $39 monthly. If you want to buy either right out its $792 and $912.

Exclusively from Sprint, Galaxy Forever lets customers upgrade to the latest Galaxy after just 12 lease payments. Galaxy Forever is included in all Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ purchases.

Best Buy

The big box store is also an interesting place to look it for mobile deals and its no different with the Galaxy S9. Only on Friday if you setup a preorder and also do a qualifying trade-in Best Buy looks to slash off $100 for the S9/S9+.


What better place to get the Galaxy S9/S9+ than from the manufacturers themselves. Like T-Mobile they will be $719.99(S9) and $839.99(S9+) and give you the options of choosing a carrier. You will also be able to pick an Unlocked version if that’s more your speed. Trade-in options for a variety of phones are available and you can check them out now.

Coming out the all the deals Best Buy could be the cheapest depending on how much they will selling the devices for. At this point T-Mobile looks to be the cheapest at full retail while Verizon has a plethora of promos that could sway you over. If you need an Unlocked model Samsung will have those available and will probably be some of the more popular options.

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