Xbox-One-Elite-Controller 4

Though its been hinted at for months now the new controller from Xbox is here and man what a doozy it is. It has a high price tag of $150 which is also paying half the price of a Xbox. One system in itself but the controller is being created for that hardcore gamer that needs every need met in their gaming lifestyle.



To start off the controller feels incredible in-hand. The grip padding gives you a better hold on the actual controller. Buttons feel flush and fluid and the customization is awesome. You can interchangeable D-Pads which is the traditional design and then this 3-D model. Thumb Shafts can be changed to either knob and will come in lengths of standard, tall or domed. Paddles on the back can be removed and added without any equipment needed and can be setup for just about anything.

Xbox-One-Elite-Controller 5


To program the Xbox One Elite controller you would need either Windows 10 and/or Xbox One. Once doing so you can easily setup profiles for your infinite variations of buttons placements you need.

I can see why Microsoft went this route as the gaming atmosphere has heated up in the past few years and it is a market that would definitely use something like this. How these will hold up in the long run and if they will be a success time will tell.



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