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Polk Audio Shows Off Striker Pro Hitman Contract Edition Headset at E3

Polk Striker Pro Hitman Contract Edition E3 4

Polk Audio known mostly for their audio speakers actually has a foot in gaming you might not be aware of as I wasn’t. At E3 they announced their Striker Pro headsets which are fine tuned with a patented Dynamic Balance driver to give you an unparalleled audio experience while gaming. They had some gaming on hand such as Mortal Kombat X to test them out and everything did sound even more bone crunching.

Polk Striker Pro Hitman Contract Edition E3 6

What makes this release of the Striker Pro headsets even sweeter is they have a special design dubbed the “Hitman Contract Edition” which are set to launch around the time of the upcoming Hitman game and Hitman movie hitting theaters this Fall. Each has Agent 47’s bar code on the headband, 47 insignia on the ear cups and inside they will be individually numbered as I was told by their Brand Director.

They will have three detachable cables: mobile connect cable, dual-jack console controller cable and dual-jack, extra-long PC connect cable. You can also use your own 2.5mm or 3.5mm cables.

They are definitely a cool pair of audio cans and hopefully get our hands on them to get them a full run through in the upcoming months. Pricing will be $129.99 for the Hitman Contract Edition as well as the standard P1 colorway.

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