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It’s usually a given that the most popular phones out there get the most 3rd party support for accessories. This is true for such phones like every iPhone that has ever come out and lately, the Samsung Galaxy S line. However, there are some phones out there that although they receive great reviews and critical acclaim, 3rd party accessorie makers haven’t been quick to make much for them, case in point is the new HTC One (M8). There are a few who have given support to HTC’s wonder of a phone and one of them is Tech21. These guys are specialists in the science of what they call impactology and have used their knowledge to create new HTC One M8 Case, one of them which I’ll be taking a look at today is the Impact Tactical case featuring D3O impact materials.

What is D3O? D3O is a special material not dissimilar to what kids call silly putty. The type Tech21 uses here is orange in color and they are the only ones who are able to use this technology for use with mobile device protection. The application of the D3O impact material here in the Impact Tactical case is limited to just the edges of the HTC One M8 and can be see on the inside as an orange stripe. There is a generous amount of it as the case itself does add about a bit under a quarter of a centimeter on all sides. You can check out the little video below to learn a little bit more about D3O.

The overall size of your device now with the case on is about the size of a Note 3 which I hadn’t really noticed until comparing them. Luckily the case is super thin on the rear and hardly adds any overall thickness. The case itself is made of TPU material with a very nice matte, textured finish. it makes the HTC One M8 very easy to hold and is not slippery like it is when the phone has no case at all. The front of the case is wraps around the front of the screen a bit to provide protection when you lay the phone face down. The Tech21 Impact Tactical looks like it can take a good drop and if the D3O material does what it’s supposed to do, it should absorb all that energy from a drop and disperse it outwards away from your device.

HTC One M8 - Tech21 - Impact Tactical Case Review - Top View - G Style Magazine

Unlike some other cases I’ve seen, the Tech21 Impact Tactical features a cutout on top for the power button that allows you to use the HTC One’s IR blaster. I use it a lot so that’s a welcome feature they kept intact.

The Tech21 Impact Tactical case for the HTC One M8 is great for those who need something that is very protective, but also slim and good looking. It only comes in black, but it looks very stealthy and I like how it doesn’t draw attention to yourself. Protection wise, I love that the case keeps most of the device covered and will help keep the gorgeous metal body scratch and dent free. It doesn’t have a screen cover like some other cases, but I find it much easier to use not having to fumble with a cover. I also like that there is a good amount of edge protection because we all know that when a phone breaks, its usually because it was dropped on a corner or an edge. Overall, the Tech21 Impact Tactical case for the HTC One M8 is an impressive case despite its simple looks. On a personal note, it’s now currently my default case that I use on a daily basis.

tech21 tech21 HTC One M8 - Tech21 - Impact Tactical Case Review - Case - G Style Magazine

tech21 tech21 tech21

tech21 tech21 tech21

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