Klout Mobile

Users of Klout will notice that the company for measuring your social coolness and where you rate among your fellow peers has gone through a tremendous makeover over the past couple of months. The layout has changed where you are able to search topics, read articles, share what you have read or even set up scheduling for later on. The sharing aspect is built to give your followers or potential readers a idea of what you are interested in or what you may think they would like. To head assist this even further, Klout has redesigned their app for iOS and an Android version is on the way. I’m praying for a Android app as the 3rd party ones for the past couple of years have been horrid.

Going back to the app, you are able to upload photos as well as give locations. Best of all you can redeem those Klout perks you love to always get. If you haven’t then you need to get on the ball.

Klout for iOS is available HERE, and Klout for Android is “Coming Soon” but you can get on the waiting list HERE. More about Klout Mobile in the video below…

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