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Gunnar Intercept Color Collection Eyewear- Gunnar Optiks- cobalt

Amongst the gaming crowd, I hear the name Gunnar thrown around a lot. What they do is make high quality eyewear that supposedly give a competitive advantage while playing video games. That doesn’t mean that when you put them on, you’ll magically become the best Battlefield or Call of Duty player on your squad. Instead, what they do is help your eyes feel more comfortable while staring at your TV or computer monitor for long periods or time by relieving strain and improving contrast. Many gamers swear by them and say that they do help, but do they really? Do they really give you that “competitive advantage” as described in their marketing material? Keep reading to find out.


First, let’s just start with the look and feel of the Gunnar Intercept. The Intercept is a classically shaped frame that will appeal to most people. It’s a retro inspired design that has been around for years yet the Intercept is a much more modern interpretation of it. The frame itself is made of an injection polymer that feels quite strong and doesn’t feel like they’ll break if I accidentally sit on them. These particular Intercepts that I received are from the new Colors Collection which features bright, translucent colors to give the frame a bit more flare and pop. The ones I have here are cobalt in color and look quite sharp and flashy.

Gunnar Intercept Color Collection Eyewear- Gunnar Optiks- cobalt - Side View

The color on the frame is actually injected into the plastic while they are made which means that the color will not fade or rub off over time. Also, there seems to be a soft touch coating on it as it feels quite smooth and a bit rubbery. This probably helps with comfort. On each of the arms, there is a metal plaque engraved with the Gunnar name which adds a bit of class to them. The frames themselves feel fairly wide and fit on my head snugly without being overly tight. They should be able to fit on even the widest of faces though there’s really no way for me to test that. On me though, they fit very well. Overall, I really like the quality of these. They feel high end and look high end. Frame Benefits:

  • Engineering grade injection polymers provide dimensional stability and long term durability
  • Curved nose rests provide even weight distribution and eliminate pressure points
  • Multi-barrel hinges create rotational stability for long lasting fit
  • Wide format lenses create a panoramic viewing field for high resolution viewing

As good as the frame is, the main reason you would buy Gunnars is because of the special lens they use. The proprietary lens design is supposed to relieve strain on your eyes by blocking out harsh artificial light and improve contrast. This is thanks to the special amber colored lens tint which you can see when you have them on. They kind of give everything a more “yellowy” appearance but I’ll talk more about that later. The lens is also supposed to allow you to focus on the screen better because of some focusing tech they use so you’re only supposed to use these when on the computer or in front of your TV and not under any other circumstances. There’s also a protective lens coating that has anti-reflective properties to reduce glare.


I was told to use these for a few hours a day over the course of a week in order to “break them in” and get my eyes adjusted to wearing them. First time wearers will feel a bit strange when using them for the first few days because they do seem to make everything a tad too clear at the beginning. Those who were glasses or contacts will know that feeling when you are switching prescriptions. It took me a few days to adjust and after you do, you don’t get that weird “distorted” feeling anymore.

Gunnar Intercept Color Collection Eyewear- Gunnar Optiks- cobalt - 1

At night, I play video games, lots and lots of video games. I mainly play on the PlayStation 4 on a giant plasma screen and when I’m not playing on that, I’m on my PS Vita. I also occasionally play on my iPhone or iPad. I wear contact lenses so after an hour or so of gaming, my eyes usually get really dry and tired feeling. I have to take a break otherwise they start feeling really uncomfortable. Would the Intercept change this? Now, I’m not speaking for anyone else here but myself, but I can definitely feel a noticeable difference when wearing the Intercept.

For starters, the screen doesn’t seem as bright anymore, mainly the whites which would usually hurt my eyes a bit until I got used to it. However, the screen does seem clearer and more sharp. I can’t say much about improving contrast though as it seemed the same to me. On the subject of comfort, I will say they do make my eyes feel much more comfortable. I was able to play longer than usual with no signs of eye fatigue and I definitely didn’t get that dry, scratchy feeling I normally get. In fact, my eyes feel great after long sessions now that I don’t even notice how long I’m playing for anymore.

Final Thoughts

My experience with the Gunnar Intercept are my own so what I experienced with them might not be what you will experience with them. For me, they seem to really make gaming much more enjoyable and comfortable. My biggest problem was that with contacts on, my eyes would always feel tired and dry after long gaming sessions. This isn’t the case anymore when I’m wearing the Intercept. I do recommend these if you game a lot, though this is based on how my eyes react to them. Again it may not be the same for you.


All I can say though is that they are very well made, are comfortable to wear, and they do really seem to help relieve stress on your eyes while gaming. You can get your own pair of Gunnar Intercept glasses in either the original black or in the new colors collection which includes Ghost, Cobalt, Kryptonite, Ink, and Fire. They retail for $69 though I’ve seen them for a bit less if you shop around.

Buy the Gunnar Optiks Intercept HERE 

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