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Its that time of year again where everyone is running out to get that special someone a lovely gift or gifts for Valentine’s Day. Some choose the traditional roses, chocolate, or even taking them out to dinner. As we are in the age of tech, we are seeing more along the lines of stuff bought now such as iPads, smartphones and other forms of gadgetry. In essence Valentine’s Day could be considered Christmas Part 2 if you let it work out that way.

In any event though, while you maybe thinking of getting your girlfriend a lovely looking piece of jewelry, that’s where the Diamond Tears by Monster Products can help with that. They were actually reviewed by fellow colleague Analie back in November 2012 but to this day they still catch the eyes of others. While she has the White Diamond pair which is catered more to the ladies, I have the black pair that are geared more towards men.

Review Here: Diamond Tears Headphones: Will These Diamonds Be Your Best Friend?

The Diamond Tears have headphone cups redesigned in the image of huge Diamonds that you put on your ears. The cushions on the pair I have are black, while the “Diamonds” are blueish/purple color. They come with three tangle free wires, a clothing cloth, and carrying case to keep these headphones shimmering.

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Sound wise they are geared more to the sound of Pop, but I have used them with various genres from Rap to Rock and received great sound from them. They are On-Ear headphones and are pretty comfort from using them. They aren’t too tight and cumbersome which is a plus with headphones. They are a great looking pair of headphones and while the ladies usually love them, I seen some fellas attracted to them(such as myself) as well.

If you are interested in picking up a pair of either color Crystal is $220 and the Black goes for $190 on Amazon which is pretty good for a premium designed pair of headphones and worlds cheaper then when they first dropped which was close to $350.

Also coming soon to their Diamond Tears line is new version called “Diamondz” with some new variations of colors which were showcased at CES and also on display at their Electric Daze event for NYFW a couple days ago.

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