BlackBerry Q10 - Sprint Network - Analie Cruz - G Style Magazine - BBQ10As you may have heard from everyone everywhere, Blackberry announced Blackberry 10  along with the release of their phones the Blackberry Z10 and Blackberry Q10. Sprint is going to carry the Q10. The phone looks similar to past Blackberry models. It sports the new Blackberry 10 OS  which offers true multi-tasking and sharing options. Those true Blackberry users who enjoy the physical keyboard will be happy to know that it has a full QWERTY keyboard. Blackberry didn’t let you down.

I was impressed with the new Blackberry 10 OS. It was smooth and it flowed nicely. Blackberry 10 has 70,000 apps available in their app catalog; Blackberry App World. Hopefully.

Find out more information on the new BlackBerry Q10 smartphone from Sprint at

What do you think of the Blackberry Q10? Is it too outdated? Is the software enough to bring you back?


The new BlackBerry Q10 smartphone is based on the re-designed, re-engineered and re-invented BlackBerry 10 platform and offers customers a powerful and unique new mobile computing experience. The BlackBerry Q10 smartphone will be the first BlackBerry 10 smartphone with a physical QWERTY keyboard and touchscreen, delivering a smarter experience that continuously adapts to a customer’s needs.

BlackBerry 10 gives customers a faster and smarter experience that continuously adapts to their needs. Every feature, every gesture, and every detail is designed to keep customers moving and includes advancements such as:
· Peek and Flow into the BlackBerry Hub – A new mobile computing paradigm where what matters to customers is always only one swipe away
· Keyboard – Understands and adapts to customers, so they can type faster and more accurately, with a QWERTY keyboard that has rows separated by frets, making it easier to type accurately and with more confidence than ever before
· BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) – Allows customers to share things with the people that matter to them in an instant
· BlackBerry® Balance™ technology – Protects what is important to customers and the businesses they work for

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