There is MWC 2012 going on this week, and while we aren’t there this year, the guys at Android Central have gotten a chance to check out something that might just be of interest for us here at G Style. The HTC One X will be a LTE device that should be coming out for the AT&T network. As I’m a user of AT&T, I’m always on the hunt for a fashionable Android smartphone.

Some cool items spec wise consist of Beats Audio (yes I don’t mind Beats Audio as long as it has nothing to do with Monster), 32GB of internal storage, LTE of course, and the Sense 4 version of Ice Cream Sandwich. What is any more interesting about these specs is that I read another article that says Beats Audio will now not be limited in its use with Sense 4 version of HTC phones. So now it will finally be available for use with any application that has to do with music. Now that is proper!

Now since I haven’t had the chance to take a look first hand at this devices, I will take the comment I read about this phone which says and I quote “I’ve long been a fan of HTC phones, especially when it comes to their build quality. That said, the One X brings something new to the table, something HTC has been sorely lacking these past few years: sex appeal. The One X is a gorgeous phone, just as a flagship should be.” – (Chris Velazco, TechCrunch) with a grain of salt. But this definitely is on the watch list, and I hope to check it out soon since AT&T says in the coming months.

[Source: Android Central]
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