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Free Playstation Plus Games for February 2019

As we move into February and "Cupid is in the Air", PlayStation shows us some love with the games for this month. The month...

HITMAN Summer Bonus Episodes Start Today

https://youtu.be/5X05JIwX6JA Those looking for more HITMAN content need not wait any longer because today marks the release of two Summer Bonus episodes. These are episodes...

HITMAN – Elusive Target #5 Spotted in MarraKesh – The Gunrunner

Starting today, HITMAN's 5th Elusive Target, Vito Duric, aka The Gunrunner will be available for 72 hours. This is the first Elusive Target placed...

HITMAN Elusive Target #3 Coming June 8th | The Prince

I guess this is a thing now here where I let you know about the next Elusive Target coming to HITMAN. HITMAN's third Elusive...

HITMAN’s First Elusive Target is Here – The Forger

https://youtu.be/MTrXqgon4W8 Today is the day that HITMAN sees its first Elusive Target. Your mission for the next 48 hours will be to eliminate Sergei Larin,...

Hitman PS4 Beta Gives a Look at Huge Killer Sandbox

The beta for the next-gen Hitman gives you taste of things to come

Will New Video Game Movies Aim to Not Disappoint Gamers ?

Being a gamer sure has it's awesome side, but Hollywood tends to rain on that parade when your favorite video game series goes to...

Hitman: Agent 47 [Trailer]

Hitman: Agent 47 takes another shot at theaters this summer.