I guess this is a thing now here where I let you know about the next Elusive Target coming to HITMAN. HITMAN’s third Elusive Target is scheduled to appear on June 8th, 2016 and will require you to eliminate The Prince. Number 3 will take place on the Sapienza map again (episode 2) and from the looks of the teaser photo, will probably happen somewhere near the church.

As always, Diana will brief you with critical intel that will help you track down and kill the target. That intel is more important than ever because Elusive Targets do not appear as targets on the mini map or instinct. You’ll need to explore, find your target, study their movements and come up with a plan to eliminate them – all whilst playing. The pressure will be on when you’ve got the target in your sights. If you miss the shot and chaos breaks loose, you will need to have a plan B, because the save-game is disabled during an Elusive Target contract.

If you die during the challenge, that’s it as well. It’s game over and you’ll never get another shot at this missions again.

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