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HITMAN Elusive Target #3 Coming June 8th | The Prince

I guess this is a thing now here where I let you know about the next Elusive Target coming to HITMAN. HITMAN's third Elusive...

HITMAN’s First Elusive Target is Here – The Forger

https://youtu.be/MTrXqgon4W8 Today is the day that HITMAN sees its first Elusive Target. Your mission for the next 48 hours will be to eliminate Sergei Larin,...

Hitman: Agent 47 [Trailer]

Hitman: Agent 47 takes another shot at theaters this summer.

Sleeping Dogs New DLC: Just In Time For The Holiday Season

This holiday season Sleeping Dogs offers a collection of gameplay add-ons, custom character packs and martial arts missions as six months of additional content...