Monoprice USB-C to DP Cable

Many laptops these days only come with USB-C ports now, so if you want to use an external monitor, you’ll need to either use a hub that supports video connections, or a USB-C cable that supports video. With this review, we’ll look at the latter option with the Monoprice USB-C to DP Cable (44469). This 6ft cable supports 8K@60Hz, 4K@144Hz/120Hz, and 2K@240Hz and is a straight plug-and-play affair if your laptop or any other device supports video out through USB-C.

We’ll start with the build quality of these cables, which is actually very good. These aren’t just regular cables but are crafted to be durable and reliable. The cables themselves are nylon-braided and feature aluminum-housed ends for added heat dissipation to prevent overheating.

Performance as far as I can see seems to be good as well. I haven’t tested anything in 8K yet but 2K and 4K performance seem to work as they should. I like the fact that with the cable, I don’t need a separate hub or docking station to connect to an external monitor. This works well with PC and Mac laptops as well as my iPad Air 5. The cable allows for both mirroring and extending the desktop.

Overall, I really like this cable. The speeds seem to be there and the build quality is what I’d expect if I was looking for a high-quality cable. Monoprice 8K@60Hz, 4K@144Hz/120Hz, 2K@240Hz USB-C to DP Cable (44469) is an excellent purchase for anyone who wants a high-speed DisplayPort cable at an affordable price.

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