TODAY WAS THE DAY and XBOX and Microsoft did not disappoint. This is summertime and it’s during this time that all sorts of gaming companies get together and put out their showcases to really hype up their fanbases and hopefully get some new ones but it’s really about bragging rights about who has the best games.

XBOX had in my opinion a very slow start to 2021 and 2022 with 2022 being almost barren with a lack of 1st party titles and unfortunate delays. XBOX did deliver some very good titles both years but the loyal fanbase wants those 1st party bangers and today they got that.


Right out the gate XBOX opened the show with Fable and fans got to see what Fable may potentially look like in game. Although the watermark at the bottom said in-game I was still a little skeptical but either way for fans of this series and game. It was huge, especially as a show starter. While XBOX has given a time of 2024 for release there’s no tentative date.

Avowed was another game that was teased very early on that it was coming to XBOX sooner than expected but as well know delays due to COVID made things tricky but what we saw very early seemed impressive. Obsidian was finally able to show off some gameplay from their new banger and while it was met with some mixed response there’s no doubt that this game will be a banger as we begin to see more from it.

Hellblade II was a big highlight but unfortunately we don’t know anything more about that game than we did before. The cinematic trailer was absolutely cool and we know what we’re getting in terms of its overall look and feel but no combat was shown and no real gameplay. Even with that, it was still exciting to see what looks like progress in the development of the game.

Clockwork Revolution was an interesting game from the team at inXile. This game has a beautiful artstyle and what appears to be an interesting story that involves time travel which typically scares me off because the rules in regards to time travel don’t exist and it can get complexed. Regardless of my personal questions this game looks super cool and I found it to be a highlight of the show.


STARFIELD. It’s the game that will define what XBOX has done with their acquisition of Bethesda and if you had no interest in this game prior to yesterday well, that opinion may have changed. XBOX really went all in on defining what this game and just how much you can do in this game. The accessories that were announced just added to what this game is as a whole. XBOX wants Starfield to be an experience over years and you gotta love that even if you don’t want to play the game.


Even though I’m a PS guy through and through. I absolutely love the XBOX platform and what they showed off yesterday was so very well done. SOOOOO many games that I didn’t speak on in this article but I posted the actual show up top. If I had to give it a number grade I’d give it an 8/10 and a letter grade it gets a B+. I’m happy that fans of the XBOX platform got something to look forward to and gamers also have something to look forward after years and years of XBOX just being unsure of itself. Well, that seems to be over and XBOX should be hitting a stride that they haven’t since the XBOX 360 days. I’m here for it and we should all be here for it. Yesterday was great day and the best part? Microsoft and XBOX aren’t done. They have a secondary showcase today to follow up on some of the bigger 1st party titles that didn’t show off too much. You gotta love it

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