With games like Jedi: Survivor, Tears of the Kingdom and the resounding success of Diablo IV’s Server Slam – I am left feeling utterly optimistic of the next slew of games coming this year. Setting aside poor performance that, let’s be real, is not a big deal at all – the sense of wonder and excitement is here, something I haven’t really felt since PS3 days. I mean, Bungie has Season of the Deep launching next week and as a fan of Destiny 2, I am eager to see what they’re doing – though I’m not nearly as excited for it as I am for Diablo IV and even more so Final Fantasy XVI.

Final Fantasy XVI, man it looks astounding – the sheer scope of it looks astronomical and based on the PlayStation State of Play, I’m feeling this might be the best entry to the franchise. I enjoyed FFXV, so much so that I platinumed it on PS4, and 100% it on Steam after I got my CLX Gaming build alongside playing on the go through my Steam Deck. And even though it lacked in story pacing and a bit of a barren world, FFXVI looks to not only rectify all of its issues, but exponentially improve on every other facet of the game. It’s giving me Tears of the Kingdom-level of production and that’s excellent for gamers.

I mean, check this out!

I mean, it’s going to be tough – I have twins coming by October, so at least I’ll have time to grind out as much as I can before it becomes near impossible (in between making sure my wife is healthy of course) – that means I need to structure my game time because it’s going to be super tight. This week is prime focus on Tears of the Kingdom, which I may or may not finish before Destiny 2’s Season of the Deep. The good thing about that is, Bungie isn’t increasing pinnacle cap, which eliminates about 80% of my time on Destiny; no need to grind ritual activities, the story beats are usually 30-45mins long and the activities don’t take much effort when you’re my level – maybe the new dungeon will take some time, but again – I’m in no rush given that I have a year to get all I need. At most, I’ll be spending like 3hrs a week getting on Destiny before I return to the games I really want to play.

This helps greatly when Diablo IV is here – which is where I will spend 80% of my grind on. Then, during resting periods, immerse into Final Fantasy XVI because the Lord knows I need to play that. I truly can’t imagine how there could be any sort of resentment within the gaming community these days – ya’ll youngin’s are blessed beyond imagination.

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