| Server Slam was played on a PS5 and a CLX Custom Build PC |

The Diablo IV Server Slam was a resounding success for nearly everyone that ventured into the treacherous depths of Sanctuary. During the two-day event, the servers remained stable all throughout, accompanied by a seamless login experience with zero disconnects – a massive improvement over the closed beta. With a reworked loot system that replicates how it’ll be come launch, alongside the availability of all 5 classes – this weekend was filled with gut wrenching loot hunting in preparation for the world boss, Ashava. This beta will be the last until the launch date – which means that hopefully you had the chance to defeat Ashava for the coveted trophy mount.

The Connection to Lilith

In the dark and dangerous world of Sanctuary, a stable connection is crucial to fully immerse oneself in the action-packed gameplay. Diablo IV’s Server Slam event exceeded expectations in this regard. For the entirety of the two-day period, my connection remained steadfast, with no disruptions or frustrating disconnections. The development team’s commitment to providing a smooth and uninterrupted experience was evident, allowing me to focus solely on the thrilling battles, intricate quests (even though I skipped most of them given the limited time to prep for the world boss), and exploring the vast expanse of Sanctuary’s snow zone.

The login experience was a testament to the developers’ desire for seamlessness; without encountering any delays or technical hiccups, this was a major step up from what was given to players back in the closed and open beta’s. This smooth login process is a testament to the server infrastructure’s robustness, ensuring that players effortlessly join the battle against the mother of demons. This meant that performance wasn’t hit with any hiccups either through the PS5 or my CLX custom built PC – which gives me faith that the game will actually run smoothly on PC at launch day!

It’s All About the Loot.

Diablo IV’s Server Slam not only excelled in providing a stable connection but also delivered gameplay that was nothing short of exhilarating; while not much has changed since the closed beta, this time around you can choose between all 5 classes, coupled with some QoL changes like how loot behaved – which should feel closer to how Diablo IV will be when it launches June 6th. Here’s a brief summary of the 5 classes:

  • Barbarian:
    The Barbarian is a mighty warrior class specializing in close-quarters combat. They possess incredible strength and durability, excelling at dealing devastating melee damage. Technical aspects of the Barbarian class include powerful area-of-effect skills, crowd control abilities, and a resource system called Fury, which increases as the Barbarian deals and takes damage, fueling their devastating attacks.
  • Sorcerer:
    The Sorcerer harnesses the elements and wields devastating magical powers. They excel at ranged combat and can rain down destruction upon their enemies. Technical aspects of the Sorcerer class include elemental spells such as fireballs, lightning strikes, and frost novas. They utilize a resource system called Mana to cast spells, which can be replenished through various means like potions or passive regeneration.
  • Druid:
    The Druid is a versatile class with the ability to shapeshift and harness nature’s powers. They can transform into formidable beasts or command the elements to unleash devastating attacks. Technical aspects of the Druid class include shape-shifting forms like a Werewolf or Werebear, elemental abilities such as summoning tornadoes or summoning animals to fight alongside them, and a resource system called Feral Power, which builds up as they deal damage and allows for powerful shapeshifting abilities.
  • Rogue:
    The Rogue is a swift and agile class, specializing in stealth and precision. They excel at ranged attacks, traps, and hit-and-run tactics. Technical aspects of the Rogue class include deadly bow and crossbow skills, shadow manipulation for stealth and evasion, and an emphasis on critical strikes. The Rogue utilizes a resource system called Hatred, which builds up as they attack enemies and enhances their offensive capabilities.
  • Necromancer:
    The Necromancer is a master of death and manipulation of the undead. They can raise hordes of skeletons, summon powerful golems, and wield dark magic to weaken and destroy their enemies. Technical aspects of the Necromancer class include summoning various undead minions, curses to debilitate foes, and a resource system called Essence, which is consumed to cast spells and is replenished by dealing damage or using specific abilities.

Each class in Diablo IV offers a unique playstyle, and the Server Slam allowed me to experience the depth of their customization options. Whether I chose to command a relentless Bone Army as a Necromancer or wield powerful enchantments as a Sorcerer, the visceral gameplay allowed for a rather incredible experience.

The Depths of Sanctuary

The snow region of Sanctuary presented an awe-inspiring and immersive backdrop during the Diablo IV Server Slam; venturing through its icy landscapes was immediately captivated by the stunning visuals and atmospheric design. The level of detail in the snow-capped mountains, frozen lakes, and dense forests was truly remarkable – it’s truly a next-gen experience battling through this beautifully rendered environment while leveling my Sorcerer. Each new area I encountered felt distinct and brimming with secrets, rewarding my exploration with valuable loot and unsuspecting quest that enhanced overall playthrough.

The highlight of the Server Slam was undoubtedly the epic encounter with Ashava, the imposing world boss. Despite the level cap being set at 20, Ashava towered above us at level 25, presenting a formidable challenge. What impressed me most was the balance in this encounter. Despite the significant level difference, the battle felt fair and engaging, allowing skilled players to overcome the odds. Ashava’s attack patterns were excellently designed, demanding precise positioning and timely reactions. Ashava felt unique, as it unleashed devastating abilities and showcased breathtaking animations that added to the sense of epic scale and danger. The opportunity to face Ashava alongside 12 other players brings the Diablo universe full circle into the MMO format. I was very surprised by the sense of camaraderie and teamwork that emerged from these large-scale battles – I was convinced the game would be too noisy forme to focuse given the asymmetric camera position. Coordinating strategies, combining powerful abilities, and witnessing the synergy between different classes created a dynamic and unforgettable experience and I am eager for the full game, very eager.

Blizzard had made some incredible adjustments to the servers of Diablo IV, which left me with great hope that the full game will deliver probably the best online experience for a new game we’ve ever had, ever. The game will release June 6th, but if you preordered the Ultimate Edition, you would get to fight the Mother of Demons 5 days early on June 1st.

I got the Ultimate Edition – of course.

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