As the summer approaches as the weather gets warmer we all have our summertime fashion and colors that we love to wear and see. Well, once again, XBOX got you covered. For those who may not have known or remember. XBOX partnered with one of the most iconic nail polish brands in OPI last year for a similar style of controller and they were wildly popular so it makes that XBOX would align themselves with OPI again for an exclusive “SUNKISSED VIBE” controller with a summertime hue that just reminds you of a summer day.

If you’re interested in exactly what the partnership with XBOX and OPI is about then you can actually get some info on the collab HERE on the XBOX wire. If you were thinking about getting one of these controllers then you can get one HERE and have something else that nobody has. The pre-order has not been lifted and you can pick one up whenever you want for $69.99. It’s a super dope controller to have during these summer days and it’ll make you wanna pickup your XBOX controller for sure.

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