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A good deal on a car does not solely depend on the vehicle’s price. You need to check the odometer reading, body condition, engine power, and much more, especially when buying salvage cars. But, why choose car auctions when there are plenty of car dealerships?

The main reasons to buy automobiles from auctions are because of the low prices and vast inventory. Moreover, there is no third party involved to take a cut from the final price. As a result, you can save a good amount of money when choosing a car auction, instead of a private seller or a car dealership.

So, continue reading if you want to learn more about how to find the best deals at a car auction. It will also help you find the top live car auctions in the USA, including Los Angeles salvage auctions.

Create and Stick to a Budget

A budget should be your greatest priority when buying a car online. It will help you control your bids and prevent you from going overboard in the excitement of the bidding war. When creating a budget, make sure to include other expenses that are separate from the car’s price. For example, add the tax costs, car transportation fees, auction buyer fees, and repair costs when buying a salvage car.

Once you know the total amount of purchasing the car, repairing it, and getting the rebuilt title, you can place your bids in accordance with that number. Not only will this tip help you secure a good deal, but it will also save you from experiencing a financial crisis.

Preview Vehicle Listings

Selecting the right car can become extremely difficult when you have a vast vehicle inventory at your disposal. If you keep this decision pending for the live auction, you won’t even be able to find the car you need, much less a good deal.

Therefore, check on all the vehicle listings beforehand. You should know which make and model suits your needs and focus on specific listings. Then, you can place bids during the live auction.

Find the Right Auction Platform

On the right auction platform, you can access a vehicle inventory that is available at wholesale rates. Moreover, you can request a vehicle history report on rebuilt and salvage cars to evaluate the vehicle’s current condition, previous owners, and damage incurred. This will help you calculate how much money you will have to spend after receiving the car.

To buy from a reliable and dependable car auction, visit the auctions mentioned below:

A Better Bid

A Better Bid (ABB) is a completely online Copart-registered car auction that is open to everyone. It has more than 300,000 vehicles; so, you will not have any trouble finding one that perfectly suits your needs. You can buy cars, motorcycles, SUVs, RVs, and other automobiles in clean, rebuilt, and salvage titles.

One of the top advantages of ABB is that it does not require you to own a dealer’s license. Any individual can participate in the bidding process and make a winning bid.

You can join the auction in real-time from your computer or smartphone and bid on your favorite vehicle. First, you must register with an email address and upload your government-issued ID to show that you are an authentic buyer. Then, choose from the membership packages to gain specific benefits.

For example, you can request vehicle history reports as a pro and premium member. Subscribing to these memberships will also make you eligible to bid higher and pay fewer transaction fees. After registration, you can select your car and bid manually, or automatically through an automated bidding system, in the live auction.

Once you have placed the winning bid, pay the complete amount within two business days to avoid a late fee. Then, order delivery and have the vehicle delivered to your home anywhere in the States.

Columbus Fair Auto Auction

Columbus Fair Auto Auction is an on-premise auction for the public. For registration, you must present a valid driver’s license, state-issued ID card, and proof of your Social Security number. You should be at least 18 years old to participate in the event. After providing your ID details, Columbus Fair Auto Auction will issue you a bidder badge and a pink safety vest that should be returned without damage. In case it is damaged or not returned, you will have to pay a $25 fee.

On the auction reception, you have to pay $1,200 as a buyer’s fee, which is refundable if you do not make the winning bid. However, you will only be returned the amount once you return the pink vest. Moreover, the auction requires you to make the car payment the next day, or you will forfeit the buyer’s deposit and future buying privileges.

DAASW Dealers Auto Auction

Dealer Auto Auction of the Southwest (DAASW) is a wholesale dealer-only auto auction. It organizes events every Wednesday at its Phoenix facility. However, you can register as a buyer on the official website and check vehicle listings. When you visit the facility to participate in the auction, you must pay a $200 fee to obtain betting power. DAASW allows you to pay for the vehicles until Monday at 5 PM, but when this time limit is over, you will be charged $150 per week as a late fee.

Orlando Longwood Auto Auction

Orlando Longwood Auto Auction is an on-premise, dealers-only auto auction. It prohibits any individual without a dealer’s license to participate. Additionally, individuals under the age of 18 are not allowed to attend the events. The auction has reserved three colors, green, yellow, and red, to show the vehicle’s current condition. For example, vehicles marked green have sustained damage that can be repaired under $750, and cars tagged in yellow need more than $750 for maintenance. Whereas, vehicles in the red zone have severe rust and mechanical damage. Therefore, all red vehicles fall under a sales price of $3,000.

Wrapping Up

Auto auctions are the right place to browse if you want a good deal on a vehicle. However, it is best to follow a pre-defined budget to find a deal that works for you. Therefore, don’t forget to map out your finances and stick to a plan. Moreover, visit the top auto auction platform, such as ABB, to enjoy a vast vehicle inventory and wholesale prices.

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