Since its inception back in 2016, Samsung’s 837 store has been the place to experience some of Samsung’s greatest innovations and most accessible to the public eye.

Over the years it has played to various events such as shows, concerts, and viewing parties on its massive Floor to Ceiling Display and has been a fun place to come to. Samsung has decided to give the place a new look and feel and redesign the whole area into a smart home showcasing Samsung’s devices in various home area scenarios.

There is areas such as the Game Room showing you how to access Xbox Game Pass right from your TV, a projector in the Kids Room which they can watch their favorite content right on the wall, or how about the Living Room where you sync your phone to the TV and take calls while watching your favorite show.

Other spots include the Kitchen where you can see what’s in your fridge on your phone, the gym area which your devices can help you with workouts or how about the Bedroom where placing your phone down dims the lights and pulls down the shades. A lot of this works hand to hand with Samsung’s Smart Things ecosystem.

Samsung 837 soft opens today 2/17/23 but has its grand opening on 2/22/23. Make sure you check the website to RSVP your spot as there will be special guests and some tasty bites.

You can also check our walk through of the redesigned Samsung 837 on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram right now.

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