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A day in a sales rep’s life can be chaotic and could affect productivity. From the time you wake up, commute to work, and get ready to meet clients, you might feel confused before you even start.

The trick is to know how to be more organized to achieve each day’s goals with less stress. You need to learn how to manage your time and organize your meeting schedules in advance. Write down the questions you are planning to ask to guide customer conversation. Daily, practice using sales tools that make your work easier. 

Keep to the schedule

Each day, your schedule could get more populated with tasks. You will have emails to read and respond to, calls to make, and a sales pipeline to view. Besides, you still need to go and meet clients in their offices to close deals.

One of the salesman organization tips is to stay within your schedule. The challenge you might face is how to maintain focus on the schedule. Unless it is very necessary, do not start a new task before attending to previous ones. If you must book appointments, make sure you have no pending ones in your diary. 

Arrange your tasks in priority so that you do the most important or urgent ones first. After attending to each task, mark it as complete, or follow-up required. If you need a tool to help you keep your schedules organized, the Salesforce meeting scheduler by Revenue Grid is a good solution. It is a Salesforce add-on that you can use to book appointments, schedule meetings, and make telephone/video calls. You can use it to set up your workflows and develop Salesforce records. 

Make a To-Do-List

Your sales rep checklist should be detailed and easy to follow. To avoid duplicates, prepare on CRM or another tool that uses AI algorithms. Organization ideas for salesman should be based on data to ensure accuracy. The to-do list may contain details such as:

Leads prospects. Use CRM or other tools such as revenue intelligence to get a clear view of leads.

  • Appointments for the day
  • Presentations to make
  • Deals to close
  • Post-deal closing follow-ups/actions

Some of the activities in the list require making calls, writing emails, engaging customers on chats, or physically visiting them. Check every activity that you complete. 

Use time blocks

Proper time management is a key sales rep organization strategy that improves productivity. Even with properly designed to-do lists, you might fail to achieve your goals due to time limitations. Time blocking strategy can help you achieve more within a limited period. The strategy requires you to divide the time you have into segments and then assign a specific task to each block. 

Use a calendar to create your time blocks and give a different color for each. If you fail to divide your time, you will get yourself using most of your time on one task, yet every activity demands your attention. If you have 8 hours in a working day, view your tasks to determine which ones require more time and their priorities. Never go over to the next task until you complete the current one. 

Take advantage of automation and technology

Sales workflows can be a challenge, especially when an organization is growing fast. You might have hundreds of tasks to do daily, which might overwhelm you. Organizing emails alone might take you 30% of your time daily, which affects your organization. One secret on how to get organized is to leverage automation and technology. 

It frees up the time you spend on administrative tasks so that you focus more on selling. An organization tool helps you track your prospect’s contacts and provides centralized access to data from all channels. The tools can help you send automated emails, give you reminders, and schedule meetings. 


Staying organized is an important feature for sales reps who want to succeed in their work. You must prepare detailed to-do lists and focus on your schedules. The use of time blocks can help you allocate time for each task to make sure none is left unattended. Leverage technology and automation to free yourself from administrative tasks and focus on sales.

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