Arzopa G1 Game

Do you know what’s better than one display? Two displays. At home, I use two giant monitors and it’s done wonders for my productivity. I’m able to have multiple windows open all at once and I no longer have to switch back and forth between tasks. Not only that, I can use one monitor for work while the other one is playing a movie in the background or having my team apps, like Slack, Discord, or Trello. But what if you’re on the go? While I love the convenience of a laptop, I don’t like being limited to just one screen and that’s where a portable monitor comes into play. A portable monitor is different from your standard desktop monitor because they’re smaller, lighter, thinner, and at times, doesn’t even require an extra power source. That’s why I jumped on the chance to check out the Arzopa G1 Game 15.6″ 144Hz Portable Monitor. This is an ultrathin portable monitor that works with a wide variety of devices and not just your laptop.

Arzopa G1 Game


The Arzopa G1 Game is one of their newest monitors with the highlight feature being the fact that it has a 144Hz refresh rate. That means that it’s not only perfect for your laptop but also perfect for your gaming consoles or gaming in general. We’ll start with the specs which are pretty good for a portable monitor. Again, you’re looking at a refresh rate of 144Hz at the display’s highest resolution of 1920×1080. Yes, this is only a 1080p monitor, but for a unit that is built to be a portable monitor, 1080p is just fine for many of the things you will use it for. Other notable specs include 100% sRGB color, a 178° viewing angle, an IPS panel, 300 nit brightness, built-in dual speakers, a Mini HDMI port, two full-featured USB-C ports, and a 3.5mm audio port.

As good as the specs are, I’m really impressed with the design of the Arzopa G1 Game. The body is made almost entirely of aluminum alloy and is 0.3″ thick at its thinnest point. For the display, it utilizes an IPS panel that is almost edge-to-edge. There’s barely any bezel, except for the bottom of the monitor.

On one side of the monitor are all the ports while on the other side has controls for adjusting volume, brightness, and other on-screen display options. The dual speakers are at the bottom of the monitor which also has two rubber feet to keep the monitor from skidding around. Lastly, there’s a durable PU leather cover that doubles as a stand and helps protect the display from any damage or scratches.

Arzopa G1 Game


As this is my first experience using a portable monitor, I did my best to really put the Arzopa G1 Game through its paces. That means I tried using it on as many devices as I could think of and in as many different scenarios as possible.

As a second display – Most people who are going to purchase the Arzopa G1 Game are probably going to use it as a second display with their laptop. In my case, I tested this with an Apple Macbook Air M1. What I really love is the fact that if you use this with your laptop and it’s equipped with a USB-C port, more likely than not, you’ll be able to use the monitor with just one cable without the need for a power cable. This is exactly what I was able to do.

iPad Mini 6 – Since the iPad Mini 6 comes standard with a USB-C port, I decided to plug this into the Arzopa G1 Game just to see what would happen. Surprisingly, it powered up the monitor and displays a picture on it. Instead of extending the display however, all it does is mirror what you see on the iPad, which is still pretty cool if you want to use the monitor to watch a video on a larger display or share what you’re doing with others.

Samsung DeX – You can plug your Samsung galaxy device right into the monitor and it’ll power up and show Samsung DeX mode. What’s neat here is no power source is needed, though you will need a wireless keyboard and mouse to make the most of Samsung DeX.

PlayStation Classic – Playing console games on this monitor is going to take a bit of work. You’ll need to attach the monitor to a power source using the USB-C cable and then the included HDMI cable. The console you are using also has to be connected to a power source as well so it’s not quite as simple as it is when you’re using the monitor on a laptop for instance. It still works though and gaming on this thing looks really good.

Arzopa G1 Game


The Arzopa G1 Game portable monitor is a really nice ultrathin monitor. I like the fact that there it is possible to use it without needing a separate power source, but of course, that depends on what device you use. I think one of my favorite uses for the display is transforming my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra into a desktop computer using Samsung DeX mode. I mean your phone these days is pretty powerful so why not use it as a computer if you can? What’s neat is being able to use many of the mobile apps in full screen and on a much larger monitor. Aside from that, playing games on the monitor is also pretty good, especially with the 144Hz refresh rate.

So with all that said, if you’re looking for a portable monitor, the Arzopa G1 Game is a very good pick. It has everything you’d want in a portable monitor – thin and light, with built-in speakers, the possibility of use without an external power source, included smart cover, and a solid aluminum body.

You can pick up the Arzopa G1 Game here on Amazon.

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