Sony’s INZONE M3 gaming monitors are HERE and available for purchase. FINALLY! This is exciting news for those in the market one of the best gaming monitors that are available for not just your PC but your PS5.

The new monitors are here with a price point of $529 and they boast incredible specs that make this pricing a good value. This monitor is a 27″ 1920 x 1080p IPS monitor with a 240Hz refresh rate. Not only that this monitor also has built-in KVM support. This monitor also supports G-SYNC in that it’s an NVIDIA Adaptive Sync monitor so if you’ve got one of those powerful RTX Nvidia GPU’s then this monitor makes best use of an Nvidia GPU. If you’re just rockin a PS5 then again, this monitor is made with the console in mind with full PS5 support. It’s even been designed based on the look of the PS5.

Our friend @booredatwork made a quick YouTube video to give you an idea of what you can expect with this monitor, definitely check it out if you need a visual of what this monitor can do. If you have an interest in grabbing this great gaming monitor you can grab one HERE direct from Sony and get your game on in style for new year and get those kills in those FPS games and drive fast in those driving games.

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