Nintendo quietly had probably the best year in terms of exclusive and in demand best selling games in 2022. They put out some of the most fun games I’ve played this year. Most of the games that are on my list are exclusive to the Nintendo Switch or were best played on the Switch. You’ll notice that there are very popular games that most would rank in a general top 5 may not be here and that’s because I most likely never played them or didn’t play them long enough to give an honest assessment with Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet being the exception because that game was just huge and needed to be acknowledged. I wanted the list to be authentic to what I actually bought and spent hours upon hours playing. Either way, check out the list and let me know what you think.


When this game was announced, the hysteria and hype for this game was unreal and when the game finally came out there was no disappointment in that it was one of the best games of 2022. It’s a top five game this year if you’re asking me. There’s nothing more fun that reliving your 80’s childhood like playing a co-op beat em up with the Ninja Turtles. What’s even better is that not only can you play with the Turtles, Master Splinter is a playable character, April O’Neill is a playable character and of course Casey Jones. This game was multiplatform from the beginning but to me it’s best played on the Switch especially solo. This is the platform I played it on and had the most fun


Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope was a game that had me enthralled for hours on end for its strategy, gameplay and story. Not quite the cutesy, cheesy game that you think it is. It has a character structure reminiscent of any jrpg that you can play in that each character possesses a skill set and uses weapons that you’ll need in order to pass each encounter and you have plan each battle you fight accordingly and it’s because of this why it’s one the best Switch games of 2022 and it’s no wonder why it was so well received by gamers and critics alike.


This is the one game on the list that I didn’t spend too much time playing but I don’t want to deny it’s significance in 2022. 10 million sold in a week is nothing to sneeze at and it speaks to the popularity and cultural relevance of Pokemon in gaming. Even though this game launched with a series of issues, it didn’t stop gamers from playing it. The bottom line. Pokemon can’t be stopped. Hate it if you want to but Pokemon is here to stay and that’s that.


Yes, this game is a remake but so what? A remake of a great game is still a great game. Live A Live is one of the best jrpg’s ever made and it was game that had to be played on the Switch in my opinion. It’s just one of those games that’s tailor made for long car rides or for just playing if you’re at home enjoying some downtime. It’s still a gorgeous game that has some of the best gameplay, story and music in a jrpg. While this game may not be on some people’s radar as one of the best Switch games for 2022. It made my list and I stand on it.


This was one of the best games of the year as a whole but again, I had the best experience with playing this game on the Switch. One of the most unique yet quite difficult games I’ve ever played. This game forces you to think out your moves, make best use of your memory because there is NO guide and NO help whatsoever. It’s a Zelda like game as far as exploration and in the fact that boss battles will punish you and so will common enemies if you try to hack and slash. Tunic is a game that I absolutely enjoyed on the Switch and it’s for me, one of the best games of 2022 for the Nintendo Switch.

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