Victrix Dual Core Gambit Tournament Controller

There are many choices right now when it comes to Xbox Series X|S and PC controllers so it stands to reason that there has to be a perfect controller out there for everyone. Whether or not you’re a lover of the standard Xbox controller or consider yourself a pro and want something more customizable, you’re bound to find something that has the perfect blend of comfort and features to suit your needs. I’m more of a custom controller kind of guy so I’m always on the lookout for customizable controllers akin to the Xbox Elite Controllers but at cheaper price points. Enter the Victrix Dual Core Gambit Tournament Controller which does undercut Microsoft’s official units with many of the same features.

The Victrix Dual Core Gambit Tournament Controller is brought to you by PDP and designed by esports athletes. It is nearly a fully customizable controller that lets you swap face plates, the directional pad, control sticks, and rear paddles. You’re also able to map the rear paddles to any of the controller’s various buttons as well as adjust the triggers with five stop positions that let you set the travel distance of each trigger.

Victrix Dual Core Gambit Tournament Controller


Let’s start off with how the Victrix Gambit Tournament Controller looks. It has a fascinating design that is quite different from your typical Xbox controller. It features a more angular look that eschews the typical smoothness seen with other controllers. It’s a bit more futuristic looking and definitely stands out when compared to others. The main differentiating factor is the face. While most of the controls are in their familiar spots, the three buttons surrounding the Xbox button are laid out a bit differently and are much larger than normal.

The back of the controller is also a bit different with the inclusion of the rear paddles. Instead of being individual paddles, they’re all part of a singular plate with separation. It makes it easier to keep track of just one plate than it is with a bunch of separate paddles. You can swap this out as a two-paddle plate or a four-paddle plate. The rear also has adjustments for the trigger position inputs as well.

I do really like the face of the controller too as I think it looks really good. There are two face plates you can switch between as well. one is a white, hard plastic face plate while the other is a purple silicone face plate. My personal favorite is the purple one mainly because it feels really soft and smooth, provides a bit more grip, and dampens a lot of the noise associated with controller use. Not only that, it’s really comfortable to hold and seems like it wouldn’t get as dirty as the white plate would get.

Victrix Dual Core Gambit Tournament Controller


So as stated beforehand, the Victrix Gambit Tournament Controller is highly customizable. You’ll want to swap out many of the parts to tailor the controller to your style of play. If you like sniping in first-person shooters, you’ll want the longer sniper stick for a more precise aim. Customize the paddles on the rear for either two or four customizable actions. I personally swapped out the right stick, kept the four paddles, swapped out the d-pad, and used the purple silicone face plate for comfort.

For the rear paddles, it is super simple to program these. They will basically mirror any of the buttons or triggers you assign them to. To program them, just hold down the button below the d-spad and then press one of the paddles. The light on the front button will start blinking. Next just tap one of the default buttons of triggers and you’re done. Easy. No software is needed for programming, however, if you use this on a PC, you can download the Victrix Control Hub for even more fine-tuned customization.

The Victrix Control Hub allows for many useful features. For instance, you can completely remap every button, adjust dead zones, recalibrate the sticks and triggers, create custom audio profiles, and more. The hub is also used to update the firmware on the controller. You don’t have to use the Victrix Controller Hub though, but if you’re on PC, it’s just a bonus option.

Victrix Dual Core Gambit Tournament Controller


For the most part, the Victrix Gambit Tournament Controller has been a pretty solid controller. Customizing it is super simple and I appreciate the fact that all the extra parts sit comfortably in the included storage case. I like that assigning the rear paddles doesn’t require extra software and you can do it on the fly based on whatever game you’re playing. I will say that the feel of the controller doesn’t quite feel like your typical Xbox controller though because it seems to be a tad bit wider than standard. You’ll get used to it though. The weight on it is also pretty good too. It’s fairly light, despite also having rumble motors, so that’s a plus. I like that it uses a USB cable, and one that is purple, which looks pretty sick.

Would I change anything about it? I would have possibly provided a black faceplate option as well instead of just white which I think could get pretty dirty pretty quickly. Aside from that, I’m digging the Victrix Gambit Tournament controller.

Victrix Dual Core Gambit Tournament Controller


If you’re looking for a custom controller for either Xbox Series X|S or PC, the Victrix Gambit Tournament Controller is a solid choice. It has many of the features you’d find in the more expensive Xbox Elite controller at a less expensive price point. Is it a perfect controller? Not entirely. The shape of it is still a little weird and it feels a bit wide in my hands. Also while the back paddles are nice, they aren’t quite as easy to push down as they would be if they were extended outwards more.

Aside from that, it’s a good controller with some great features you’ll appreciate if you’re mostly a controller player. A solid choice when it comes to customizable controllers and you can’t really go wrong with this one.

The Victrix Gambit Tournament Controller is available now on Amazon.

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