EZQuest Ultimate Plus HUB

A lot of people use their laptops as their main computer, whether it be for work, home, or travel. While laptops are great on the go, they can be a bit limited in their use partly because many laptops do not include all the required ports we might need. For example, I have an HP laptop that literally only has 2xUSB-C ports and 1xUSB-A port. That’s not nearly enough if I want to use an external keyboard, mouse, extra displays, portable storage, etc. That’s why if you own a laptop, you need to get a hub and EZQuest makes a hub that has every port you’ll ever need and then some. It’s the EZQuest Ultimate Dual HDMI USB-C Multimedia Hub Adapter 12 Ports with Power Delivery 3.0. That’s the official name for it, but we’ll just shorten that to Ultimate Plus Hub Adaptor for the rest of this post.

EZQuest Ultimate Plus HUB

The EZQuest Ultimate Plus Hub Adapter has everything you’ll possibly need to expand your laptop and make the most out of it. For starters, this will work for M1 Macs and Intel-based Macs as well as Windows-based computers. So what does it have that makes it the ultimate?

  • Output:
    • 1X HDMI 4K 60Hz ( DP 1.4)
    • 1X HDMI 4K
    • VGA 1080P 60Hz
  • 100 watts USB-C with Power Delivery 3.0
  • 1X RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet with LED indicator
  • 1X SDHC Card Reader and 1X Micro SDHC Card Reader
  • 4X 5Gbs USB 3.0 with 5V – 0.9A (4.5 Watts) charging output for each port
  • 3.5mm Audio Jack with Microphone 2 in 1

That’s 12 ports you get which means you can convert one USB-C port on your laptop into 12 different ports. Note that you will need to install a driver in order to use the HDMI 2 and VGA port.

Usage is also pretty simple. Just plug the included USB-C cable into your laptop’s USB-C cable and then plug the other end into the USB-C port labeled HOST. If you want to charge your laptop at the same time, just plug the USB-C charger into the rear USB-C port labeled PD.

In terms of design, the EZQuest Ultimate Plus Hub Adapter is fairly large and isn’t really meant for travel. It’s meant to just sit at your desk and used to expand your laptop when you plug it in. It’s a fairly solid piece of kit with an aluminum body and some plastic. I like that the rear ports are all ones that you mainly keep accessories plugged into, while the front ones are ports where devices might be removed often. Overall a clean design and one that would look welcomed on any desk.

EZQuest Ultimate Plus HUB

So who needs an EZQuest Ultimate Dual HDMI USB-C Multimedia Hub Adapter? Basically, anyone who needs more than their base laptop can offer. Do you need extra monitors? Do you need extra ports for storage drives, SD cards, or accessories? Do you need an Ethernet connection? If you answered yes to all of these, then you need an EZQuest Ultimate USB-C Multimedia Hub Adapter.

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