Ubisoft continues to push it out content for this multi-layered extreme sports Riders Republic. This ranges from weekly spotlights, a massive Reforestation event, new toys, and some elements to eventually celebrate the arrival of BMX. All of this is available ow and you can check out the video and presser below for more info.

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Players Can Also Take Part in the Rebirth Project Event and Help Reforest the Republic

SAN FRANCISCO – July 27, 2022 – Today, Ubisoft announced that season three of Riders Republic, Summer Break, is now available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5*, Stadia, as well as Windows PC through the Ubisoft Store and the Epic Games Store.

During the summer, players will have access to new free content and weekly programming spotlights, including a special Reforestation event, the release of two Showdown mode toys** into the in-game shop, and an event to celebrate the much-anticipated arrival of BMX.

This season kicks off with Project Rebirth, a special event that begins today and runs through August 10. This event was conceived as a proposal last year at the 2021 Green Game Jam, a game development competition run by the United Nations Environmental Programme’s Playing for the Planet Alliance that challenges participants to create events or game modes focused on raising environmental awareness.

During Project Rebirth, players are invited to participate in the Reforestation*** event, where they can plant trees in a desert area to help reforest the region, using a teleportation point that will lead them to a base camp. Desert Bloom, a new Mass Race course, will begin for all players in the desert which, thanks to the community’s reforestation efforts, will gradually become covered with plants and trees resistant to arid climates. On July 30, the event will culminate in the Climate March, unique in its kind, where players can participate and show their commitment to climate action.

Finally, at the end of Summer Break, Riders Republic will host an event that will mark the beginning of the BMX sport add-on, with weekly challenges focused on BMX freestyle activities.

For more information about Riders Republic, Season 3: Summer Break, please visit ridersrepublic.com/summer_break

For more information about the Green Game Jam Event, please visit https://playing4theplanet.org/green-game-jam

For the latest news on Riders Republic and all of Ubisoft’s games, please visit news.ubisoft.com

*Upgrade to the digital PS5™ version of the game at no additional cost. To upgrade eligible PS4™ disc copies, players will need a PS5™ console with a disc drive. PlayStation.com/help. Riders Republic leverages Smart Delivery – buy the game once and automatically download the version optimized for your device for free, including for Xbox Series X|S.

**From August 3, two toys, the Juggernaut and the Sniper, will be added to the Riders Republic shop. Players will be able to use them in the competitive Showdown mode as well as while roaming the open world. Both toys will be unlocked for Year Pass owners from July 27.

***Following the event, players will be able to come back to Riders Republic to get an in-game Green Game Jam hoodie souvenir. Riders who complete the weekly seed collecting challenges will be eligible to win the funky Sunkeeper electric wingsuit.

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