The Stealth series is absolutely one of the best Turtle Beach has to offer, and if you’re curious, here’s my impression on the Stealth 700 I reviewed a while back – the Stealth 600 Max Gen 2 is officially licensed by Microsoft and my opinion doesn’t change here – it is a high performing headset that’s affordable and comfortable. Everything you’d expect from higher models is here in glorious fashion. Also, it works for PlayStation and PC as well – just you know, Xbox first lolz.

Comfort in Design

Much like the 700 series, it is of premium over-head design with overall comfort when seated. The cushion doesn’t utilize leather, but cross-knitted cloth for a more breathable earmuff; it’s entirely glasses friendly too. You’ll find several color options to meet your personalization needs as well. Overall, this traditional headset design is at its perfection stage, could be a bit lighter though. In the box comes with a USB type C for fast charging, USB transmitter with a switch for Xbox or USB toggling, Turtle Beach stickers and a manual.

Familiar Tech

You’ll find much of what you’d expect from the Stealth series when it comes specs and control, except the type of audio driver; the Stealth 600 Max comes with 50mm magnet speakers instead of the Nanoclear tech found in the 700 series – these comes with surround sound capabilities and dual channel for in-game and voice chat. Embedded to the sides are 2 microphones for optimal communication, alongside a lag-free 2.4Ghz wireless dongle connection. The only caveat is you’ll need to use the Turtle Beach Audio Hub app on your phone to fine-tune control; still absent for PC software control. The biggest selling point for me is the 48+hrs of use in a single charge which is wild to me.


An absolutely great choice for those looking to get your hands on some high-quality headset that’s entirely affordable minus PC software controls. If you want to utilize this for streaming as well, it works just as flawlessly.

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