C’mon, we know what we need as gamers – a high performing headset that feels right at home with your dome; that’s where the Stealth 700 Gen 2’s come into play – Ya Ya Ya it’s the Dr. DisRespect Edition, an edition you should aim for because it’s so slick! Unless you don’t like red and black patterns I suppose. These 700’s are incredibly rich in sound density with a microphone clearer than you bargained for – albeit the fitting could use a bit of refinement for me as it was fine for others while not so much for me. You can use these with your PS4/5, Nintendo Switch and PC with ease as Bluetooth allows for seamless connectivity between each device – but if you prefer wireless dongle, it has that option as well.

Violently Designed

The build quality of Stealth 700 Gen 2 is absolutely premium, even more so than the asking price of $149.99. The matte finish on the ear cups alongside the head band is pleasant for people like me. The microphone is a flip-up design affixed to the left of the ear-up; depending on your gaming mood, it’s easy enough to switch. The cushion for the ear cups is covered with synthetic black leathering and memory foam – probably my least favorite element personally, as leather makes me sweat a lot. I can say though, this it less likely the case than most.

You have some control on the headset where you can change modes for subtle sounds like foot step directions, or if you desire booming directional sounds – that’s possible too. Muting as well as voice monitor and game volume can be done with sliders on the left of the ear cup. It’s streamlined and positioned well enough to get use to quickly.

Wearing the headset is very tight for me – which leads me to think that it needs some breaking in. I haven’t forced my way into trying, but after several dozen hours of use, I never had any headache issues except after a prolonged gaming session, the inner section of my ears would be sore. Other than that, it is a pleasantly designed headset whether it’s this edition or the original.

Violently Audible

You’re dealing with several high-end tech if you’re looking to have an advantage against players online; the speakers are 50mm in size with TurtleBeach’s proprietary driver called Nanoclear neodymium – all I can really say is, it sounds loud, punchy and very clear. Additionally, it has a frequency response between 20Hz and 22kHz which can give excellent close to far range dynamics.

Microphone clarity is mostly similar to pretty much every other high-end headset, with excellent compression and noise cancellation with background elements. All of this can be adjusted on their Audio Hub App with Tone and Prompt levels, noise gate and volume meter. It’s neat and needed.

Additionally, the headset lasts a very long time – I remember not needing to charge it after 6, 3hr gaming sessions. Which is about 18hrs of use – may not sound like a lot, but when broken up it feels that way.

Violently Desired

I know this is a late review on the headset, but TurtleBeach still has the best headset they can offer and will be competing against most gaming options in the market. If you desire an audio advantage for top level competition, this is it.


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