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Music is one of the most important parts of any game. There is a reason why composers for video games are often counted among greats like John Williams and Hans Zimmer. If you don’t think music is an instrumental part of gaming, keep reading and we will show you otherwise!

Music is Elemental to the Setting

When you first load up a game, the music is a key part of what creates the setting for the world that you are in. Game designers want to hit your two key senses – sight and hearing – and so they use music along with the perfect graphics to set the scene and get you ready to play.

This is why music often ties in closely with the theme of the game itself. Think about a popular game like The Witcher 3. This is a fantasy medieval game, as can be seen from the design of the game’s graphics, and yet it is often the music that reveals a deeper meaning. It pulls on Eastern European folk traditions in a nod to the franchise’s Polish roots. The stately Kaer Morhen sounds as lonely and as windswept as the old citadel itself, while Steel for Humans is a deep and fearsome war chant that matches a player jumping into battle. Without the music, this would be a very different game.

Gaming, Music and You

The right music will have an influence on us and will give us small social cues to make us act in a certain way. Even games like those at https://ggpoker.com will show this off. Though you might not necessarily pay attention to the music here, it is clear that those tracks that are in play are designed to deliver a certain function.

For example, if you manage to trigger a win at such a site, there will often be a triumphant little trill alongside any overlay detailing the win. This is designed to play off anything that you might feel as you collect the win – essentially meaning that the game is celebrating with you. These are small details, but ones that should most definitely be ignored.

Music Immerses Us

Video game music is unique in that it is designed to help you focus. Just as it helps you to feel like you are stepping into the setting of the game, so will it help you to concentrate. After all, in many games, if you take your attention away without pausing the game then there is a chance that your character could die.

This type of music has even proved to be popular with those who like to listen to music as they study. It lacks any distracting lyrics, while also being inspirational and encouraging you to focus on the task at hand. Head to your favourite music streaming platform and you will be able to find countless playlists made up of gaming music. Next time you have to focus on a project, give one of them a listen and see if it helps you! We have a very deep and personal connection to music, and this is evident in the types that we listen to. Those who enjoy gaming often like to return to their favourite worlds via the music there, and it is also a great way for people to discover more about some of their favourite franchises. Many of the best games simply would not be the same if they had different or no music. Next time you decide to play your favourite game, play close attention to the music and the impact it has on the game. It might be more than you think

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