Seagate has always worked closely with Xbox to make sure you are getting the optimal storage for your console. We saw this with the Seagate Expansion Card which inserts directly into the Series X/S consoles. But if you have not gotten a next-gen console or maybe even looking to expand your storage the Game Drive SSD looks to be ideal.


This Game Drive SSD is the latest iteration of Seagate hard drives catered for Xbox and has the name mentions utilizes SSD. Its about 1.7oz and dimensions of 3.8” x 1.9” x 0.5”. Its about as small as my wallet and has a green LED light on the front of it reminiscent of the Xbox glow.

It comes with a USB 3.0 Cable that can be connected into one of the various USB ports on your Xbox console. I am operating this SSD with my Xbox Series X. One glaring issue I have with this SSD is that the hard drive is so light the USB cable can have it looking awkward and twisted if you don’t position it right.

No I don’t keep the SSD on top of my XBox Series X.

Besides the USB 3.0 Cable it does come with 1 month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. My account had expired so I was able to use it fortunately.


Connecting it to the Xbox Series X I was prompted of how I wanted to use the storage. It had to be formatted for gaming space. This 1TB will provide you with 931GB of total usable space. Now one thing to note is that this Game Drive SSD can only store” Xbox Series X/S games” but cannot actually play them. It will only play Xbox – Xbox One games off it. You can only play Series X/S games either straight off the internal HD or the Seagate Expansion Card. If you have games on there you want to play you have to transfer to either one of those locations.

As far as downloading I was getting about 200/MBs which was about the same speeds I was getting on the Expansion Card. Mind you I have a Verizon FiOS 300 connection. It is speedy transferring data thanks to it being USB 3.2 Gen 1.


It is a space saving fast hard drive if you are looking for storage and to move around content at a swift pace. The Xbox Seagate Game Drive SSD has a price point of $169.99 for 1TB and of course you can get other hard drives with more room, but they will not be as fast. There is also the Expansion Card but that’s $50 more and that limits you to just the X/S consoles.

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