Sony’s State of play last week was supposed to focused primarily on the Japanese genre style games and in that you would expect to see gundams, jrpgs, etc. What we didn’t expect was for Sony to surprise us out of the blue with not just an announcement of new DLC for Returnal but actual gameplay all while letting us know that there would be co-op in the new DLC and the new DLC was free.

Returnal: Ascension is the name of the new DLC and it’s basically an endless mode that allows you travel through the Tower of Sisyphus either solo or with a friend and climb as high as you can with a primary goal of accumulating a high score.

You can actually watch 18 minutes of actual gameplay with commentary about the endless mode and features from the games’ director Harry Krueger and the narrative director Gregory Louden.

Returnal: Acension DLC officially goes live on March 22nd on PS5 so, If you’re a fan of Returnal you have something big to look forward too and it looks really good. ENJOY!

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