Over the fall season, Anker released the Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro which is the follow up to their predecessor Liberty 2 Pro from 2019 and also an upgrade from the Liberty Air 2 Pro that dropped in the beginning of 2021. Year after year I have become of my favorite earbud brands for not just the price but the audio behind it. After rocking out with these for the past few months how do the Liberty 3 Pros hold up?


For starters the Liberty 3 Pro come in not one but four colors such as Midnight Black, Fog Gray, Frost White, and the color I opted for from Anker which is Dusk Purple. It has a slight two-tone look of purple that just pops when the light hits it right. The wireless charging case slides up and feels sturdy with the Soundcore insignia embossed no top. In front is the charging LED lights which the back is a sync button as well as a USB-C charge port if you want to opt out juicing up wirelessly.

The earbuds themselves also have the Soundcore logo and have what they call a Fusion Comfort Fit. It features changeable silicone tips and ear wings to make sure you get that secure feeling. They also have touch panels that can be utilized by various ways either with tapping or holding them.

Included with the Anker Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro is a Wireless Charging Case, USB-C Cable, and Various Tips.


This is where Anker hits it out the park and its levels of customization. Via the app for starters, you can setup each earbud individually how you want them to respond to Holds, Single, Double, or Triple taps giving you a combo of controls.

Like the Liberty Air 2 Pro these earbuds also have Ambient Sound. But they take it further with HearID ANC which has a manual / adaptive mode while there are levels to its Transparency Mode. You can also customize a sound profile to your specific liking.

As far as codecs you get the usual AAC, SBC but there is also support for LDAC. Only caveat with switching to the better sounding LDAC is no dual device syncing and possible connectivity issues.

Mainly used with a Samsung Galaxy Fold 3


These earbuds feature 10.6mm Dynamic Drivers (ACAA 2.0) which Anker is calling Golden sound. You aren’t missing a beat literally when you pop these in your ears. Tracks like “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See” and “Gimme Some More” still have that bass heavy feeling but vocals are still in the forefront clean as ever. “Midnight Snacks” sounds just as soulful with Kelis laying her harmonizing vocals.  The combination of the seal of these earbuds and ANC allows you to zone out and take everything in musically.


Rocking with these over the past few months in various settings and for long periods of times they have held up well. Battery life has lasted as advertised. Walking around they never seem like they are going to fall out and I love how they pop color wise as you can see in the photos above.

Only issue I have come across is using LDAC at times. Sometimes the audio will cut a bit, and this is whether I’m walking around or being stationary. LDAC also does take a toll on battery life for better audio quality so be mindful. They do mention all this though so you can’t be too surprised.


If you are looking for a reasonable price of wireless earbuds that has just bit of everything you can’t go wrong with the Liberty 3 Pro. Presenting a great listening experience, long battery life, and customizations galore its hard to not give them a try. They retail for $169.99 but have seen them on Amazon for $129.99 time to time.

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