Back in the summer of 2019, Anker expanded their Soundcore audio brand extensively and two earbuds that stood out were the Liberty Air 2 and the highly surprisingly impressive Liberty 2 Pro . Both with prices under $150 giving you great value for your dollars. Liberty Air 2 Pro looks to be a sort of marriage between the two and the results are worth looking into.


So, the Liberty Air 2 Pro has four colors to choose from such as Onyx Black, Titanium White, Sapphire Blue and Crystal Pink. Anker was glad to follow my request for the most colorful out the bunch. When I first saw Crystal Pink it reminded me of Rose Gold, and I knew it would catch eyes and questions easily and sure enough it did. The sliding case is 95% pink with the Soundcore symbol reflecting right on top.  Bright LED lights reside on the front while a Type C charging port and sync back rest on the back. Case is every pocketable and feels sturdy sliding it open and closed numerous times. It also has wireless QI charging capabilities if you want to forgo the charging cables.

Earbuds pop in the case and connect via the magnetic prongs inside. Just make sure they are completely in there because sometimes they won’t go in all the way. As for the earbuds themselves they are “pipe style” earbuds reminiscent of the Liberty Air 2 before them. These are mostly pink with a metallic pink strip going down and some gold reflecting the Soundcore name and symbol.

Included with the Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro is a Wireless Charging Case, USB Type-C Cable, and Various Tips.

Feature / Sound

Like its predecessors, Liberty Air 2 Pro has several options when it comes to customization. One of the first ones is Touch Controls. Double Taps and/or 2sec Holds can be setup to do Volume, Play/Pause, Voice Assistant, and Ambient Sound.

Speaking of Ambient Sound, these are the first true wireless earbuds by Anker that have Active Noise Cancelling (ANC). The ANC on these may just be a bit too good. I found myself having to utilize the one of the three options they have which are Transport, Indoor, and Outdoor. I felt like I couldn’t hear the outside world at all sometimes. There is also a Transparency Mode with either a Fully Transparent or Vocal Mode. I found them to both be adequate in situations when needed.

Like the Liberty Pro 2, Soundcore has worked with various artists and musicians to try and obtain the perfect sound for their earbuds. These are utilizing 11mm PureNote drivers that are incorporating nano layers to help with accurate sound and clarity. “Spicy” by NaS has you feeling that drum thumping bass while NaS spits killer one liners vocally in the front. The soundscape sounds wider but also think the ANC helps you focus on it blocking any outside interference. Now you must remember this on default on “Soundcore Signature” and this is where one of Soundcore’s other features come into play which is HearID. You can create your own profile and tune the sound to your liking. There are also 22 EQ, or you can create your own. I personally use my own personalized HearID, so they sound perfect for my liking.

Used mainly with a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2.

One thing that did not carry over from previous Liberty iterations unfortunately is Qualcomm’s AptX. This just leaves you with AAC and SBC codecs.


These earbuds offer up to 26 Hours of Playtime or 7hrs per charge. They been holding up to it respectably as I haven’t charged them yet over this past week. There is fast charging if needed giving you 3hrs on a 15min quick juice up.

I been wearing these extensively either around the house or some walks to the store or in the park in my area. They been sturdy and never felt any point like they would fall out. They did start to hurt slightly but not like say when I have worn AirPods or OnePlus Buds since they rely on hard plastic and these have a matte kind of finish.


Anker’s newest pair of earbuds come in firing on all cylinders. Adding a first to their Liberty series is the surrounding blocking ANC with various options. Next up is refining their audio with PureNote drivers. Giving you more vocals and thumping bass only sadly will miss the AptX codec. Battery life is on point and should last you awhile. Pricing is $129.99 which puts them right in the same price realm of the Sony WF-XB700 and also Apple AirPods, but Liberty Air 2 Pro has more features giving you great value for your dollars.

Available now at Best Buy and Amazon

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