Mostly known for providing protection via screen protectors and cases for your smartphones and other devices, Zagg is looking to go beyond physical protection with its phone insurance plan called Zagg Protect.

Like most plans such as SquareTrade, Asurion, AppleCare+ and others it covers issues such as Cracked Screen, Liquid damage, etc. But it looks to give you all this plus more but at a lower rate of $99 and you even get some rewards for Zagg as well.

When signing up for Zagg Protect for $99, you will get a $75 Zagg Reward which you can use for products on their website. Promo looks to be valid til 2/28/22.

Key benefits of ZAGG Protect include:

  • Phone protection from life’s worries like drops, liquid spills, cracked screens, and more1
  • Sign up is available anytime for most phones, new or used2
  • Low $49 deductible and no complicated deductible structures
  • Hassle-free claims process
  • Convenient authorized repair locations worldwide
  • Simple claims process for reimbursement
  • Exclusive loyalty reward redeemable on

Coverage offered by ZAGG Protect:

  • Cracked or damaged screen
  • Liquid damage
  • Battery failure (does not include end-of-life batteries)
  • Power failures (charging shorts, internal connections) after manufacturer’s warranty expires
  • Touch screen failure
  • Camera breaks or failure
  • Headphone jack or input failures
  • Audio/speaker failure
  • Wi-Fi or connectivity failure
  • Bluetooth failure

Zagg Protect is available now and if interested can read more and sign up HERE.

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