1More is looking to hit it out the true wireless park again offering a pair of earbuds that priced under $100 with the Colorbuds 2 coming in at $79.99. You might be surprised at how much you get this price, but does it all work well?


The ColorBuds 2 come in a variety of colors ranging from Twilight Gold, Frost White and Midnight Black which 1More provided to us for review. Midnight Black more like a dark grayish black tint. Their charging case is one of the more compact and light ones I have come across with it only being 1.5oz and that’s with the earbuds included. The case has the 1More logo on top, has a LED indicator on front and has USB-C port on the back for charging. Luckily this case also supports wireless charging.  

The earbuds themselves are small as well coming in at 0.17oz. They are smooth to the top and look sleek but at times can be a bit of an issue trying to pull out of the case at least for me. They also have lights on them to identify charging, syncing, etc.  They do have sensors for removing/adding to your ears.

Included with the 1More ColorBuds 2 is a Charging Case, USB-C Cable, and additional ear tips.


Like their Comfobuds I have used before them, the ColorBuds 2 utilize Double Tap and Triple Tap features. They can be customized via the 1More app, but they can only be changed in pairs and not individually. The app has been working good with providing updates to the earbuds also allowing you to setup SoundID. This basically allows you to setup your own personal EQ tailored to our listening. It is one of the more basically ones I seen having you choose either A) or B) but its something.

These earbuds have Active Noise Cancelling and Pass-Through options you can control via the app or tap/hold on the earbuds. I have found the ANC to be surprisingly good testing it out on my daily train commutes blocking out a good amount of noise around me while the Pass-Through didn’t seem to make a big difference on amplifying my atmosphere around me.

I have been using the ColorBuds 2 with a Samsung Galaxy Fold 3.


Colorbuds 2 have 7mm Dynamic Drivers and Graphene Diaphragm to help achieve a pleasant listening experience with the earbuds. They don’t have a killer number of bass but just enough to let you know bass is present. Vocals are just as good and can be heard clearly listening to tracks like “Sue Me” by Wale”. I do feel like sometimes they can get a bit low though and you must crank up the volume on your device to get enough audio. At high levels there doesn’t seem to be much of any distortion. Watching content such as through YouTube didn’t seem to have any audio delays.


I have battery life to be decent with the earbuds and not having to charge them ever so often. I like they have wireless charging so I can place them on the various spots I have around the office or at home. Wearing them for long periods didn’t give much discomfort never felt like they would become ajar from my ears.

I’m glad to see the app has improved over the last time I used it last year with the ComfoBuds Pro.


1More has managed to give you a good number of features at a relatively low price point. ANC is on point; sound quality isn’t bad and its super compact and easy to carry around. Give them a listen for $79.99.

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